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15 Year Old Quitting ^^ Robin


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Hello everyone!

My name is Robin. I'm 15 years old and living in The Netherlands. I have decided to join the forum, because I think that it could help me with accomplishing my goals and experiencing story's from other people. 
2 weeks ago I decided to quit video games for the second time. The first attempt was in November last year. I think that the problem that I relapsed was that I was bored most of the time and didn't know how to fill in my free time effectively. I also didn't uninstall all of my games from my mobile and I didn't delete my accounts from browser games.

My second attempt was 2 weeks ago as I said. And I still haven't played a game since. The problem however is that I watch a lot of series and Youtube videos now, instead of doing something productive. That is why I decided to buy Respawn today. I really hope this guide will help me give me the information I need in order to be more productive and live a meaning full life. (Will keep you guys up to date about this)

A more positive story:

The reason I wanted to quit video games is that I had goals but never had the time to invest that I needed in order to accomplish these goals. I'm talking about goals such as:

- Becoming stronger 

- Becoming flexible

- Becoming a better dancer

- Reading more books

- More hours of sleep every night


Since I've decided to quit for the second time I made some progress already.

Things I've accomplished:

- I'm going to every dancing class now and I became first at a dancing competition with my crew last week!

- I take time to become stronger and more flexible by doing daily exercises.


I still need to work on more hours of sleep every night; I go earlier to bed but it's still not good enough.

I also still want to read more; I bought the book: The power of habits (currently page 100) and I'm willing to read more but I need to motivate myself.

So this was my ''short'' story and I'm grateful that I could share it with you guys.

- Robin

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Hey Robin! Another member from The Netherlands. :D There are quite a few of you.

Having specific goals is great, and that will help you a lot. Being on the forum and posting regularly is a great way to gain extra support and encouragement from people who believe in you. It makes a big difference!

Let us know if you have any questions, we're here to help.

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