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Not sure where to put this. Seems good enough.

So do you guys know any good board games that might appeal to video gamers? I love playing board games, especially the newer ones. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of opportunities...

One of the games I love is Talisman. It's a board game equivalent of a fantasy RPG, either pen-and-paper or video games. I don't like pen-and-paper, because it requires a good group, and I don't think those exist. But this game has everything: you are a character, you go around various regions, fight, complete quests, gro stronger, meet friendly characters, get followers, find items, meet characters who don't like you, explore places, cast spells, and so on. Everything is there, it takes about two hours and is played with real life people. Everybody participates, there's no need for a game master.

The minuses are that you actually need to learn the game to enjoy it. There are different regions, different quests to choose, and someone who knows them all is probably going to win. Still, after three games everyone knows pretty much everything. The other minus is that the game is about competition, instead of cooperation. If someone's character dies, that will be the end of fun for them, because their next character will be week again. People steal from each other, cast spell at each other and so on. And at the end only one person wins, and everybody else LOOSES.

I'd like a board game where you have to cooperate. Actually even better, where you have to plan and work really well together in order to win. Where either everybody wins or everybody looses, like in pen-and-paper, where the characters form a team. Does anybody know a game like that?

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Pen & Paper? Working together?

Hm, what's about Descent? https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/104162/descent-journeys-dark-second-edition

One player takes the role of an overlord, commanding all the nasty evil monsters (like in Dungeon Keeper) :D

Have not played it myself, cause here in Germany it's sold out until spring 

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