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gentlemen4.thumb.jpg.81ca44dd3d38f242ce0Journal 7th Page (09/04/16) DETOX TIME Day 12


Day 12.. Pretty damn happy with that. Had a few arguments with the girlfriend recently, worked long shifts at work, have slept over at work too and all without gaming at all !

Went to a university interview day yesterday and did really well in the tests and the interviews so feeling pretty confident about that. The course I want to do is probably only going to be funded by the government for this next year before they rack up the prices to the point when its not even worth it so will have to take that into account if I am offered a place. 

Haven't met up with friends a lot because of work but still chatting with them when I get the odd free moment so can't complain ! 

Going to see some new musicians later on today to meet up about starting a new band and while I doubt it will come to anything will be fun to go somewhere new and meet some new people. Get to drive to into Cambridge too so will be good to see somewhere relatively close that I have never seen before. 

Have realised that taking things one day at a time really does make all the difference. While I am nowhere near where I want to be, I can at least say I am moving in the right direction for a change. Its certainly better than no direction at all ! 


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gentleman1.thumb.jpeg.96e73a3bb830e2b129 Journal 8th Page (17/04/16) DETOX TIME Day 20

WOW ! What a difference a week makes... Breaking the Girlfriend Trap

The last few days have been insane ! Meeting the new band members meant I met a great girl who might not really be my type but did show me that my girlfriend isn't the only girl in the world ! 

Had a long chat with my old friends and was nice to get their opinions on quitting gaming, going to uni and most importantly breaking up with the girlfriend. Knowing I have the backing of the people that know me best makes all the difference. 

While breaking up with the girlfriend can't be done super quickly because I live with her I am at least able to start making steps towards getting out of the house. 

For once the idea of being single doesn't actually bother me, probably because as harsh as it sounds. None of the best memories of this year so far have been with her. 

Just a quick journal entry tonight but got a good plan and some goals moving forward so I am pretty happy !



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gentlemen4.thumb.jpg.80aec5914bdb3ab0621Journal 9th Page (14/05/16) DETOX TIME Day 47


awrongrelationship.thumb.jpg.f380622310a  Hey everyone, had a fantastic few weeks.  I have moved out of the girlfriends house, got accepted to do nursing training at my local university and spent a lot of time with old friends. 

Already meet some amazing new people and am continuing to push myself to go out as much as I can! 

I am excited and very nervous about going back to university to study again and am glad I wont have to move away from my friends. Its a shame that I have to leave my current job as I have enjoyed more than any job previously but I release that to do the things I want to do I am going to need job prospects that go above what I can realistically achieve just working in care. 

Seeing the ex a few times to organise moving things out of the house has been super awkward but no surprise there ! Got to pay for my half of the rented house till the end of September so that is not cheap, but would be far worse if I had to live there till then. 

Have tried my hand at the wonderfully fucked up world that is on line dating again.Don't really see it working out given how many crazy girls I have met through it previously but will see how it goes. Am really happy with how bust I am at the moment anyway so not desperate to find anyone else ! Detox is going great too, haven't had any physical symptoms from my depression/anxiety and sleeping well.

So that is it for me right now, I am out ! :D







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