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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened



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Hi NIck,

thank you for sharing your story and congratulations on quitting so many of your addictions. After so much time of gaming, 7 months is an impressing achievement. I am sure that your story will inspire many people here, and your experiences can be most helpfull. I would love to see a daily journal of you. In my experience it is a nice way to get help if you struggle with your life or daily tasks. Also i would be very interested in reading it and to see how your life is changing now.

Good to have you here!


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Hey Nick! Thank you for sharing your story, it's awesome to have you join us here. You'll find this community to be very encouraging and supportive. The good news is that all the reasons why you were drawn to gaming you can also find in other things. This community can help serve as the social support structure as you transition out of games, and you'll meet many others who are going on a similar path - trying to reconnect the needs that gaming fulfilled in new, more fulfilling ways. Let us know how we can help, we've got your back - for real. :)

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