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Changes to Journals

Cam Adair

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Hey everyone.

With the forum growing quickly we are working to put together structures that ensure everyone feels welcome and safe.

When a new member joins, it's important that they receive replies, so I have created a new way to highlight new journals. For now I'm going to Feature them (this adds a green icon next to their title). If you see one with a green icon and you haven't replied to it, it would be awesome for you to do so.

For now journals with under 10 replies will be featured. I may use this same feature as a way to highlight journals that I identify as needing a reply or insight from others, or just as a way to send some extra love to that person. 

Last note: with the forum growing it becomes harder to reply to everyone and this can be discouraging. Don't sweat it. Contribute what you can and pop in to others journals to say hey. Don't feel a need to reply to everyone, but do remain active and posting your own experiences. It makes a big difference, not only for yourself but to inspire others to get involved as well.

Happy Monday! :)

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