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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hey, I'm Craykes!


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Hello everyone my names craykes 21 years old, and I QUIT GAMING!

I started gaming when my dad bought me my first N64 in 96, and have been gaming ever since. Gaming has always been my "go to" for relaxing, socializing, and relieving stress. I have played on every game system from the N64 to the PS4, and recently last summer, spent 2000$ on my first gaming PC. Played CSGO, League, and Dota 2 basically non stop since last summer.

Two nights ago, I was playing on my oldschool Runescape account for nostalgic purposes, when I realized that gaming in reality means nothing. Everything that I thought I have accomplished meant nothing. Why was I even playing games? It wasn't helping me with my life. I have been in the same spot I have been in ever since I graduated High School in 2012. I thought to myself that gaming everyday for ~8 hours a day isn't going to help my accomplish my life goals.

I found Cam's TedX talks, and decided to uninstall all of my games as of last night. I immediately typed a notepad document making a contract with myself that I will not play a single game for 90 days straight, and as soon at the 90 days are up I may start playing games again if I so wish. The goal of this contract was to make a short document that I could easily look at everyday, and deciding to give myself a choice at the end. Part of the reasoning by giving myself a choice was that so I wouldn't feel pressure quiting, and to basically trick my mind that I wasn't going to quit forever. I feel like after these 90 days are up I will have seen so much progress that I won't even have to go back to gaming ever again.

As of right now I already feel amazing. I already feel much happier than I did before. I don't feel like I am a pile of garbage anymore, and I feel like that I can actually start LIVING my life. If you actually think about it. All of the successful people I know don't game ever. Its just not what successful people do, they don't have time for it.

So there is my introduction, and hopefully we can all achieve abstinence from games! If you wanna see my contract I made for myself here it is! .txt (open it in notepad)

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