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Someone's Unbeatable Grudge Against Me

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Right now, I can update my monthly journal.

Instead, I'm posting here because my safety is at risk. I have already scheduled an appointment with a social worker.

Over the past three months, I have been making great efforts to compromise with my family. Show more initiative at home. 

My sister consistently brings up a gaming incident from approximately thirteen years ago.  

Thirteen Years Ago: 

  • I made new friends at school, and we all have Steam accounts. 
  • My new friend starts asking me for TF2 items. 
  • I obliged over generic weapons until he asked for my Bill's Hat. (L4D2 Pre-Order Cosmetic)
  • After consulting with my sister, she rightfully shut down the trade.

Despite preventing the most valuable item from being lost, she continuously brings this up in gaming conversations. 

I have a theory as to why this is her saving throw against me.

  • The situation can never be amended.
  • Previous criticisms were actionable and fulfilled. 
  • She left the incident in a superior position. 

I don't know what her end goal is. Does she want my apology? 

My relationship with that friend ended very traumatically. And thus, any time it is brought up in bad faith, I shut down. 

After registering a second Steam account for multiplayer, the initial one automatically became hers. 

What confuses me is her abstinence from all games outside miHoYo's ecosystem. Her Steam account is largely abandoned. 

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