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Where else you can find consumption traps


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Having quit the video games, social networks, the internet quick gratification videos, I continue seeing consumerism propagated across all the media platforms.

I detect it in advertisements, but more worryingly in people’s expectations. You always have to own something extra to be happy, like a newly released car, or phone, or personal computer. These things signal that a person is an achiever whereas in fact this can be far from the truth. If you are in an endless chase for better versions of clothes, gadgets, parties you are still getting suckered badly. Great life mission is something that cannot be traded for any material value.

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Agreed. Constantly wanting change and reward will only make you feel unsatisfied and disappointed in your current life. Your aim should instead be to look at what you have and try to be greatful for it. And the things you are less happy about you should try to grow strong from and use as a learning tool. Most people have the tools to grow really strong but they just don’t know how to use them. 

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