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Nethernox's Journal


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Heya all. Entry 1, hopefully more to come... I really need to build up my "commitment to things" energy. 

I've been (loosely?) weaning off games for about the past month, deleted Steam and Epic. I don't really know how to count that, but it's still a win for gaming less.

I felt inspired to write this post bc I made the decision to cancel my Darktide preorder (which I rationalised as a "last game I'll ever buy"), but upon reflection, realise that regardless of whether it's a universe that I love, or that Jesper Kyd is composing the music, and how immersive the experience would be, I realised - that's the trap. It's absolutely not worth janking up my mouse shoulder more and making me a more miserable person 24/7. 

I'm still struggling with filling up my time with other productive(?) activities though, it feels like everything is a timesink or distraction - Netflix, Youtube, etc. Are watching documentaries on Curiosity/Nebula 'better' distractions? 

I struggle with low-energy and end up gravitating to Youtube/Social Media since I feel like I literally don't have the brain capacity for anything else, since I'm struggling with chronic fatigue/sleep apnea, so I'm hoping this dopamine detox will help in some form. Been sticking to my gym, morning meditation, and walking a lot. Sure wish I could move forward in other areas though, like organisation and journalling. 

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Rock on man, stay there. In a boxing match, sometimes the opponent catches you and unleashes an attack, so you’ve got to slip punches, weave and clinch. Then when he tires himself out, you go in for your attack.

You stick to healthy alternatives and you will call the enemy’s bluff soon. Remember these media specialists designed products to trap you, so you have to take a step by step approach, and take care of yourself and find support from family and friends.

I cannot tell you what an empowering reward it is to bring the mind to its healthy state, when simple things like playing a sport is all you need.

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