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Day number 3


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Hi everybody,


This is my third day game free and I’m feeling ok. Got up at 5:30 which I love doing and will enjoy a reading a coffee combo. Haha maybe this won’t be so bad after all! I’m sure I’ll get urges and cravings in a few hours however I trust myself to look past them and fulfill my new activities. Part of me honestly writes this hesitantly almost like I don’t completely believe my self. All I know is I’m making better choices. 



Nick Scales

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Day three addition, 

It’s now 12 hours later and I am feeling like I accomplished a lot today. Almost like 3 days packed into one. If I could increase my productivity by 3x without gaming that would be incredible. Its 6pm now - around that time I would game or so. Feeling bored but I have to fill that time with something right. I think I’ll work out now or nap. Has to be healthier! 

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