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My name is Jake, and I'm from Minnesota. My main reason, among many reasons, for quitting gaming is that I always had a lot of goals for my life. When I would picture my life in the future, I would always see my goals as eventual destinations so it didn't matter if I gamed, because I'd reach them eventually. I did not reach my goals eventually. I realized that when I spent time and energy playing and thinking about video games, I was ignoring parts of my life where I could grow and develop. Eventually, even when I would make progress toward my goals, I would feel compelled to game all of the time. I realized that I wasn't even enjoying myself while gaming. I was just following the same pattern in games to get stronger and complete the game, only to beat the game and move on to the next one and do the exact same thing. It was dull, and I knew it was. I just couldn't do anything other than following that same boring path that was leading me to nowhere. My most immediate goal for living my game-free life is to get back to a healthy weight. I know it'll take time and consistent effort, but if I can endure the slog through endless grinding, this should be easier right?

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Grinding in real life takes more effort and it will make your entire body react in ways you didn't know was possible. But in the end the reward is greater and you will come to love the feeling of progression it comes with. I recently started hitting the gym and just the feeling of becoming stronger is awesome! 🙂 

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