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Fit, Focused, and Faithful


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Day 0.

My goal is to be fit, focused, and faithful each day.  I will expand on what those three words mean to me in the days ahead.  They are meaningful to me.

To do so, I need to begin by stopping a few things: video games (which always hurt my neck and distract my mind completely) and YouTube which does similar things.

I almost titled this daily journal "No More Videos" but I thought it was too negative.  This will be one of my boundaries but that doesn't define what my life should be or will be.

Let's see how the first day goes!  No watching videos solo or playing video games.  Instead, I will focus on my fitness, being outside in nature, family, and faith on this fine weekend.


May this not be the mere start of something that falls off in a few days or weeks... again... but the beginning of the life I truly desire.

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Day 0.  Starting again... That was tougher than I thought.  I had a great morning.  Put my phone away.  It was great... then, I drifted into the same old patterns later into the day.  This morning I was playing a game on my phone.  I feel defeated just as I am getting started.

Perhaps I need to change the start.  No video games.  But I can watch YouTube this month or something.  Then, I will wean myself off of YouTube a month out.  Going cold turkey on both may be a lot to ask of me right now with all of the major stress happening...  This has been the toughest two weeks I've had in the past year.

I need to be kind to myself.

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