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3 hours ago, The Chosen One said:

I need to change my friend. I'm struggling a lot.

I need to commit 100% to my journey! 

As someone who both relapsed this year and failed to implement steps from the Respawn program in a timely manner, I believe I can relate to this sentiment.

It is good to see you return to try again within the same year. I can't necessarily speak to your struggles, but perhaps there is a different way of dealing with them this time. Those of us here will surely look forward to seeing your next steps!

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Thank you so much for your support @Resonant_Shell. It means a lot.

I think I've lost my identity. I used to be a self-motivated person with a lot of ambition. I was a very competitive person that likes to win, create things and be productive.

Somehow, I stopped to act like this. Procrastination appears in my life and decided to stay for a while. 

I think I'm starting to regain control of my life (slowly).

I'm going to start a new challenge. Give up? Never, If I'm alive it means I still have a chance.

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On 11/18/2022 at 6:07 AM, The Chosen One said:

I think I've lost my identity.

What does it mean that you've "lost yourself"- is that you were not yourself for some time, or..? I adopted the radical acceptance mindset (to some things, not all), and it helps me make it through the day without negative self-talk and shame/guilt overpowering my ability to function.

Even when I am at my worst, I believe, I am still attempting to do my best under the circumstances. I'm never lazy or wasteful; doesn't mean I don't feel regret, but does mean that I approach all decisions I make (and their consequences) with more empathy and compassion. 

I'm very glad to see you be back on this journey! It is a difficult one, and I hope you will get as much support and resources as needed. 

Not sure if you're looking for books, but something that has been helping me with motivation greatly is "The Obstacle Is the Way". Not a great book, but certainly gets me excited.


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