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  1. March 29 (32 of 90 days) - Monday I only worked 15 minutes on the course and it seems that I spent the rest of the day procrastinating and not being productive. March 30 (33 of 90 days) - Tuesday Day dedicated to fitness. I took a picture and I want to compare myself with photos and not with weights on the scale I danced, I was on my home bike and I walked. March 31 (34 of 90 days) - Wednesday I worked about 1h30 minutes on the course. I started writing some ideas for a small book I took a short walk and started the strava app for the first time. I made a new p
  2. March 27 (30 of 90 days) - Saturday I worked for about 2 hours on the course. At night, I watched tv because it was the end of a tv show that I liked. March 28 (31 of 90 days) - Sunday I took a walk with my sister and dog. I worked 1h17m and later 29m. I was watching a live Q&A with a famous digital marketing consultant I tested some tricks on Linkedin
  3. March 22 (25 of 90 days) - Monday I spent the day at home, but I was at least 27 minutes working on project 1 of my course. March 23 (26 of 90 days) - Tuesday I managed to work 1 hour and 13 minutes on the course. I started researching new forms of accountability because I am unable to do anything properly. I don't know what's going on with me. I tried to search for the Beeminder app but found it very confusing. I decided to send a dm to a virtual friend here on the forum. March 24 (27 of 90 days) - Wednesday I spent 25 minutes on my home bike. I studied a little social
  4. March 15 (18 of 90 days) - Monday I went for a long walk(beach) with my dog in the afternoon. Fantastic Sun! March 16 (19 of 90 days) - Tuesday I was at home participating in contests March 17 (20 of 90 days) - Wednesday I've been thinking and researching about online business March 18 (21 of 90 days) - Thursday I went to visit my sister with my father. March 19 (22 of 90 days) - Friday I went for a walk with my sister and my dog. I removed all subscriptions from youtube I removed the
  5. March 14 (17 of 90 days) - Sunday I woke up at 11:30. My parents and I went to lunch at my sister's house. In the afternoon I was on my static bicycle at home. I slept a bit in the afternoon
  6. March 12 (15 of 90 days) - Sunday I just worked on editing an image March 13 (16 of 90 days) - Saturday I was at home, then I went for a walk in the afternoon with my sister and dog. My sister had dinner with me and my parents and we watched TV at night in the living room. I ate a toast and cereals.
  7. March 11 (14 of 90 days) - Thursday I walked my dog in the morning and in the afternoon I went to the health center, went to the ATM and went for a walk with my sister and dog.
  8. March 10 (13 of 90 days) - Wednesday I had a very positive and very productive day. I woke up at 10 am and I walked my dog. I had a lot of energy. I managed to be at my desk working on project 1 without being sleepy and without a lack of energy.
  9. March 9 (12 of 90 days) - Tuesday I had no energy and I didn't finish Project 1. I was lying in bed with a lot of sleep and a headache. At night I was watching the football game Juventus-Porto | UEFA Champions League with my father. One person sent me by pm that normally the body reacts more slowly than the brain / thoughts. I can't be so hard on myself.
  10. March 5 (8 0f 90 days) - I woke up with the news that I was the winner of a giveaway. A free netflix subscription for a year. I hope to take the opportunity to see good documentaries like the social dilemma. I was on the phone with my cousin to give him the news. I focused on project 1 and the diet did not go very well. In the late afternoon, I went for a walk with my dog. March 6th (9 of 90 days) After lunch, I went for a walk with my sister, my father and dog. We were taking pictures and we enjoyed the good sunshine. In the evening, I was watching television
  11. 4/3/2021 7 of 90 days I woke up at 11 a.m I walked my dog. It was a short walk. I worked on my first project of the course but surprise, surprise...It's not finished yet. Oh my God, what is wrong with me. I ate meat and salad at lunch and soup and a burger with chips at dinner. And I know what I was thinking but I ate chips before bed. It was a rainy day, so I spent the rest of the day at home, laying in bed with no energy watching a youtube video. But...When I was walking my dog I was thinking: all of my life, I had terrible friends who gave me terrible advice
  12. 3/3/2021 6 of 90 days I woke up at 11 am. Back on Track. I took a big walk with my dog. I ate squid with salad for lunch and soup and a sandwich for dinner. I cleaned my desk. I worked hard on my course project. It's almost done I didn't procrastinate with my phone or youtube My energy was quite good
  13. 02/03/2021 5 of 90 days I woke up at 8:20 but instead of getting up, I stayed in bed and only got up at 12h. I woke up again with a big headache and very depressed. I just walked my dog and spent a lot of time in bed. I saw two TED TALKS: 1 - How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals - Stephen Duneier This motivated me to take large projects and break them up into small parts 2 - How to Wake Up Tomorrow Morning Like a Billionaire. This made me think that for many people I live a dream life, as they do not have the amenities that I have. I'm grateful
  14. 01/03/2021 4 of 90 days I woke up at 10:30. I went with my mother and my dog to the vet. (My dog is much better) Unfortunately, this was the day "I fell off the horse". So many mistakes. I got home with a big headache and decided to go to bed all afternoon. Bad decision. Then I decided to listen to some music to cheer myself up, but I found that listening to music on youtube and spotify are terrible for my concentration and digital detox. I decided that in the future I want to buy an mp3 player. I can't be spending money right now. I also want a wristwatc
  15. 28/02/2021 3 of 90 days I woke up at 11 am with energy. I ate eggs for lunch and meat for dinner. I had a good day on a diet, I didn't make mistakes. I walked, I moved. I went to the supermarket with my sister, I went to the pharmacy, I spent about 10 minutes on my home bicycle. Unfortunately, I didn't even touch my project and I sincerely start to get scared by this. It was supposed to be over today and it's still a long way away. I'm beginning to doubt if I can do this. At the end of the day, I felt a great lack of energy Anyway, at least I've been without