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Do successful people play video games?

Rosa A. Soles

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I don't know how reliable the article or data is but...


A survey sent to us by SeekingArrangement.com says that the majority of “successful” men play games. They surveyed almost 14,000 guys that make at least $100,000 (I wouldn’t call $100k yearly wealthy, but okay) and found out that 54 percent of them play games at least once a week. 


When you think about it there's also some people that have become successful through gaming or adjacent careers as well.

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I think it depends a lot on how you frame this question. Why do you want to know this- do you think that people who game are unsuccessful or that in order to be successful video games need to be a part of your life? What is "success" in your definition- money, happinness, fame, etc.?

In my opinion, success and video games are extremely loosely corellated. Current definitions of success are really problematic- measuring it with just wealth/happiness/etc is often not enough, but to measure it using more than one variable is often difficult. At the same time, gaming comes in so many different shapes and sizes that's it's hard to categorize everyone who plays games into a single group. My sister plays games- once a month or so; my brother plays games- every day; I play games- once a year. 

If you were to narrow your question more, you could get a more interesting and precise answer... For example, "How many college students with a GPA of 3.5 or above play video games more than 2 hours a day?" 

Hope this helps!


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