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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Does anyone have any strategies for avoiding gameplay videos YouTube and Twitch?


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There are useful blocker programs for your iphone, laptop device. You can install them and get a friend to set a password without telling you.

If this seems too convoluted, you can trade in your smartphone and get one of those old nokia phones.

but this is only half the solution. Get some really good books to read and brainstorm what you want to become in one year’s time. If you don’t plan big, it just isn’t worth it. The plan must be concise, include measurable goals over different spans.

The more you gain awareness of the necessary qualities for your goal, there will come a point when video games will lose their meaning to you. When that happes, you are recovering, you are no longer abstaining. 

But always eradicate triggers for gaming in your environment, even if you feel that you’ve recovered.

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Thank you Amphibian220! These are some really great tips! I haven't read for pleasure in a while so I'll be sure to consider that. I'm almost finished with the Respawn program so I have a clearer understanding of who I want to be and how I want to change. Thanks again and happy holidays!

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I think Amphibian's answer is perfect.

The problem with me is that I often swap video games for another addiction... Youtube, social media, Netflix, etc...

I think the key to is to stay away from the screen as much as possible, unless it's for work or educationnal purposes. I don't watch movies or TV shows anymore, unless it's part of a social activity.

You should try to eliminate all the gaming related content from your Youtube feed. I suggest you make another account and only sub to channels that are aligned with your new life.

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