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  1. I quit games a couple weeks ago and my Steam accounts are in the process of being deleted. EGS account is already deleted. I am currently separated from my family and in the next few days I may end up having a lot of time on my hands. I hope to be back home in the next few weeks or months. Gaming could be a good escape to help destress and recoup, but im worried that if I start down that road that I'll be consumed for a while to numb the pain, as was my previous lifestyle. I started learning FL Studio but havent had much time to work on it lately and fear that the learning curve will deter me from continuing. I have been watching more senseless YT lately too that needs to be curbed. FL Studio tutorials have been helpful to keep me learning. I have been reading a lot more which is good- to an extent. It's also another form of escape and distraction for me, though it does encourage me to write- which I avoid at all costs cuz I'm terrified of writing and that what i will write will be no good. I know it doesnt matter and i need to just WRITE but I have difficulty moving past that. Im writing this journal entry so i dont look for some escape right now, or maybe it is a form of escape cuz i dont want to pray right now. I dont have my laptop atm so gaming isn't really an option, but i'll have it later today. I can go to an Anytime Fitness gym if i want to for the next couple days while i have the car, which i think i might do. Ive been going with a friend for a couple momths. I'll have to go by myself but i think i can manage that. I did that a couple weeks ago. Im staying at a friends for a couple days and gaming has always been a go-to for us. So im not sure if he will want to and/or if i should. I kind of need a distraction right now. Ive prayed for a bit but im losing strength presently and when my friend and I will be home together later today we might want to play something. Idk. I just kind of need a distraction... i know i should keep going to Jesus but Im feeling pretty worn out. Vors, signing off.
  2. Hello, My clean date is 11/25/19. This is My Story. It’s 11/14/19 and I decided to recommit to quit today after just thirty minutes of gaming. I was having a hard time dealing with the fact that I’m 31 and single. I’ve wanted to be stable with someone forever so it’s dismaying for me. I just feel like it’s really difficult for me to find someone. I have a job but haven’t saved much money. I’m kind of thin and don’t have the best skin. And I have schizoaffective disorder. That’s a combination of depression and schizophrenia. It means I’m at risk for getting depressed and sometimes have delusions that people are out to get me. My therapist recommended me to a group for people who are chronically mentally ill because I was continually having suicidal ideation for months while working with her. I’ve really got to continue with that group. Anyways. Things didn’t workout with a couple of romantic prospects and I got pretty down. Then I was playing a game and realized. “Playing isn’t making me feel better. It’s making me feel worse.” That led me back on here and now I’m adding to the forums. I've never been an online poster, I don’t even use social media. But for some reason this site has given me the power to quit gaming when I felt completely hopeless. When I get paid I’m thinking I’ll try to complete the respawn guide. If you read my intro you know I’ve been on vacation trying to quit again. It’s hard, it hurts and I’m not really sure what my identity is. “Who am I?” Is a question I’m trying to answer now. I am a Christian. I workout, I practice yoga and mindfulness. I love to read, especially the Bible. I love my family and even though it’s challenging for me to get along with them sometimes. I keep trying. I’m a counselor and I hope to become a licensed therapist some day. I used to be a gaming addict. I just feel like my whole life is at risk when I play a game for even a second. It’s a pretty intense reality, but I think it’s true for any gaming addict. The only solution for me is to stop gaming for life. Sincerely, Erik
  3. (The first post to this journal is actually in the Introduction forum, under the same title.) So, I took a week off from gaming, ending last Wednesday, and seemed to find a little balance in my approach to electronic entertainment thereafter. That balance proved temporary, if not simply illusory, but I still think I learned something from it. It's not just the games themselves that keep pulling me back, but all the various expressions and apparatuses of game culture. I'm not on any kind of social media, except that I do have an account on YouTube that generates recommendations based on what I've watched before . . . and my homepage there was generally always full of gaming-related videos: gaming news, tech news, endless (and pointless) lists, angry rants against developers, serious gameplay videos, goofy gameplay videos, and on and on. Even during my short break, I realized that I would have to get rid of it all. The secret is to click the three-dot symbol next to the name of a video and select "do not recommend channel" from the drop-down menu. I've done that again and again: Goodbye WhatCulture Gaming! Goodbye Gameranx! Goodbye Let's Game It Out! I thought of it then as a kind of electronic hygiene, clearing away everything that might draw my attention back to gaming so that, even if I were to start playing again, I could compartmentalize it more effectively. I thought I might be able to manage to play games without being so sucked in to the world of gaming. Well, that didn't work very well, and I just had another lost weekend. Now that I'm attempting to quit for a longer period of time - at least a year - I already have that hygiene protocol in place, which is to my advantage. It also helps that I've already set up a more comfortable place to sit and read a book . . . though I have to vie with my cat for dibs on the best chair.
  4. DAY # - 1 Time I woke up: 6:00am Time I went to sleep yesterday: 11:30pm Physical task: walking Mental task: writing Projects: none Miscellaneous accomplishments: ~ did my oceanography test ~ had the tutoring session of ASL ~ paid $44 to cover the vocal lesson and the shortage from last week Summary of Day It was boring I had nothing else left to do... What I am grateful for today: ~ sunshine ~ spring weather ~ happiness ~ contacting with my father over Messenger Over and out!
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  6. My journal, I am really grateful to be able to write about my journey to quitting . Today is my fifth days of no playing world of warcraft even though my brother is playing right in front of me and I have access to my laptop because I know that there are more out there instead of using my mind power in playing game. I still have to improve my life. Improve my income skill. Looking back, I have wasted my hours of my lifetime playing game. I believe in myself that I can stop playing game for a long time and encourage other not to play game when I become an example of success. I am grateful to be able to read all of these different stories from GAMEQUITTER. I know I need more instructions for my life and my family life to be better. Thank you, Tha
  7. I have recently stopped my old journal, because I feel that I have nothing more to add to this kind of format. Gathering knowledge within the topic of fitness, health, self improvement and addiction was always something that fascinated me. And now, especially during my journey and time here at gamequitters, this became more and more advanced. Now, I want to start a new topic, where I start collecting all kinds of ideas, which I think are valuable. The reason I want to share this, is that first, I like to right it down somewhere. But if I only do it for me, I feel that it is kinda lost in nowhere. Sharing it might be valuable for me to learn new perspectives and it might also help other people to gather new ideas.
  8. Hello! My name is William, 21 years old and i'm from Brazil. Let me introduce myself and i will try to tell what is happening right now in my life and why did i want to quit gaming. (Sorry for my english) Have been gaming since i was 10 years old. Playing CS 1.6 till i started to play in 2015 League of legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive man... and only now i recognized what gaming have been doing in my whole life. Right now i have a Daughter (Yes with 21 years), people are seeking me because of money and trying to kill me i have been playing everyday 12 hours per day and doing nothing about my life. Feeling depressed with lack of motivation, empty with no purpose. Today i have resetted my laptop and i want to give the laptop to my mom. But something inside me tells to not stop gaming, i really want to stop and focus on my studies to give a better future to my daughter and to be a better self reconstruct myself to be a better man a better dad and a man that my daughter in the future will have proud. I will be happy to answer everyone. Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, My routine in life isn't super efficient at the moment and by reflecting on what worked in the past I figured out that journaling was one of the best things I could do. I don't game at all anymore, but I don't know any other forums like this, so if it's okay to post on here I'd gladly use it! My life as it stands today Not too healthy -> Medicine for Acne (only 3 days left) and not working out that often / lost some weight. I have my own company -> VelzenMedia (marketing company) I'm judging other people too much, because I see myself in them. And I don't like myself right now Bad sleeping cycle / habits. Where I want to be in 90 days More energy, strenght and healthy eating habits again. VelzenMedia @ 3 clients paying me each 1000 euro's +. Not judging other people. Talking in terms of other people's interests and making people smile ? Less entertainment / internet / social media. Only use it for growth. Better sleeping cycle / habits. Where I want to be at 25 years old Extremely fit, energized and healthy. Successfull companies helping people all over the world. Be a millionaire, but don't buy things to show off. Re-investing all the money to provide for myself long-term. I want to be the one who makes entertainment. Not the one who consumes it. These are my current targets. It all starts with this 90 day challenge in which I want to take back my health, energy and obsession. I'll be posting once a day to summarize my day and efficiency. If you don't see me posting anymore it means I've quit and that I'm a talker not a do-er. How am I going to succeed? -> Planning, planning, planning. I believe that to be my keystone habit.
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