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  1. Day 60 of no games, almost froze my legs off trying to shovel half a meter of snow.
  2. Day 59 of no games, crazy snowfall today.
  3. Day 55 of no games. Been getting a lot of roast duck takeout lately, it's $11 CAD for half a duck which is like 1 and a half meals worth of meat. I think it's because I've been craving fat since its winter and duck just has so much of it.
  4. Day 54 of no games. Semester has started although my school has once again pushed everything to online.
  5. Day 49 of no games, saw a ted talk on the negative effects of added sugar on the body. I forgot the details but it was something about beta cell damage and pancreatic disease. A few months ago I saw similar posts about sugar and made a note to not eat foods that are obvious sources of it, so the video is a good reminder.
  6. Day 47 of no games. waited 1 hour in line to get a temporary license. Going to use vitamin D pills to cope with low sunlight levels in the winter. Still binging a lot on youtube and social media. Going to try oil pulling for dental hygiene with coconut oil Going to get rid of some old clothes and later shop for new ones this week.
  7. Day 46 of no games, I was reading a book called How To Raise Successful People by Esther Wojcicki and got some really good insight. One of the author's daughters is the CEO of YouTube so I trust this book's credibility. The central idea in the book is the author's T.R.I.C.K principal, which stands for trust, respect, independence, collaboration, and kindness. After reading I realize that I missed out on many of the important lessons that I needed to be taught during my childhood. Despite missing out, it's a good principal to have when dealing with adults as well. Lost my driver's license somewhere and now I need to go to a service centre to replace it. Cousin and aunt came over for New Year and we had a massive homecooked feast.
  8. Day 42 of no games, played some table tennis and bought some accessories for my turtles. Cleaning their tank is still a pain because I cant find a proper filter for the tank that also fits with the water level and basking lamp.
  9. Day 41 of no games, feeling more and more sleepy lately, due to having a lot of things on my mind.
  10. Day 38 of no games, realize I have slight overbite which can cause a receding chin, don't want to get braces so I'm going to try to press my front teeth together so that my jaw muscles become trained for that position. Roamed around a mall for boxing day, the electronics store had some good deals. Didn't get anything. Struggling to maintain a consistent run schedule, especially now when the concrete is icy and the climate is cold. Prefer to run outside than on a treadmill. Still going to try though. I find blue-light reducing glasses very helpful as I spend a long time on my computer and phone. I messed up my vision pretty bad from gaming in the dark, intense sessions without blinking and being very close to the screen. get watery eyes more frequently now when i'm not wearing these glasses. I'm sure these glasses will help prevent blindness and vision problems in the future.
  11. Day 35 of no games, going to finish a free HTML course on youtube thats 11 hours long.
  12. Day 34 of no games, forgot to post for yesterday. my school now requires booster shots and has delayed winter term by 20 days. I hope that I can get an appointment for a booster shot by then. I haven't written much on this site in a while so I thought I'd share some personal insights. I have a theory that as one's ancestors became more and more lax with their exercise routine, further generations inherit this laziness and become lax themselves with exercise. Because genetics is a memory, a father that doesn't actively try to attain good physical shape will imprint that onto his child. That's why nowadays we see so much disparity in height, physique, strength, and health because running and moving is no longer necessary for survival, and only a few people like athletes actually care enough to do those activities, outside of it being absolutely necessary, like walking to your car. That's why not only am I running for my own health, but for the potential that my future child will inherit that memory. Also it's very likely that future generations will be stronger and smarter than us. All the averages have consistently been rising. One may think that although one doesn't have the wisdom and experience of their parents or grandparents one is much smarter and stronger than their parents/grandparents were at the same age. The same could be said about us by younger generations in the future. So, our relevancy is only a brief moment in history. Things like Pokémon, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, will all be forgotten after a few generations, even though they may have a sweet spot in our current memories. The only way we continue our relevancy is through our offspring, which means our real purpose is to ensure that we are fully capable of supporting future generations to be better versions of ourselves. Everything that we experience now, video gaming addictions, temptations and hardships, are a test to see who is worthy of being a progenitor for the next generation. Genetics is basically memory being transferred, a consciousness upload to a younger person (think of how similar you are to your mom/dad/grandparents). Failing the test means all the precious memories of a person will be lost forever.
  13. Day 32 of no games, binge watched arcane on Netflix on the weekends and it was surprisingly good because riot doesn't have many good productions. Ran 5km in around 5cm of snow, but didn't do it in one full go. Had to stop a few times because I was out of breath. Run definitely was easier the longer it went out. Got some more books from the library, selected 4 non-fiction books randomly from different categories that I aim to finish in 3 weeks.
  14. Day 29 of no games, dentist filled my cavity for 180$. was pretty scary cause they had to drill my cavity down, which was sensitive so I instinctively wanted to put my tongue near my teeth as they were getting drilled. If I did that I would have gotten my tongue sliced off.
  15. Day 28 of no games, bought some chapstick and body lotion so i dont shrivel up in the winter. Also my dentist told me I have a small cavity in between my front teeth, which is surprising since I hardly eat candy/chocolate and the like, and brush quite thoroughly. I will try oil pulling and using the better floss equipment that they gave me for free.
  16. Day 27 of no games, today i learned that you can develop blisters on your tongue from eating very spicy foods, which happened to me now.
  17. Day 26 of no games, didnt post for saturday sunday and monday. Was able to finish a couple of things on those days including: - assembling a table tennis table -Setting up a new tank for my pet turtles -setting up a roomba -Putting up christmas lights -Finishing my reflection paper
  18. Day 23 of no games, I spent a lot of time on my phone last night though, like a good 4 hours from 8-12. felt too tired to exercise, finished my books and library was closed, in hindsight I should have just went outside and walked, or did some yoga to help my posture. It's difficult to truly end all forms of temp entertainment, but at the same time once i start its hard to manage how much time i spend on such activities as the pull in is so strong. I will try to develop a habit of meditating every time I get the urge to endlessly browse on my phone.
  19. Yeah this is a good point, online the pace is slower, you get more time to think about your words, you don't have to read body language/facial expressions and don't have to display your own.