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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


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  1. Forgive yourself, Nico, you're human. Get back on track, keep going and you will just keep getting stronger that way in time! Sorry I dropped off journaling, I've just been so busy but I haven't been without my temptation moments either. I've had boatloads of work to do but I picked up video and music editing software too - though I couldn't afford Premiere lol. When I ever get time I want to jump into that, too it's fun!
  2. March 2, 2022 Just stopping in. In 3 days it will be 4 months, with no games! Still going, haven't played - though I've had a few moments of temptation to try an old popcap game. Managed to resist downloading anything! Wanting to stick to my 1 year no games commitment. Grateful as always. Want to see how you guys are doing, then back to work...
  3. I've been mostly away working these days instead of posting but popped in today just to see how you guys are all doing and saw what happened. Glad you are okay!
  4. February 8, 2022 To everyone on this forum: Sorry I stopped posting, but it's because some very big, positive changes are happening for me in my career - albeit slowly, but doors are beginning to open up. Those doors wouldn't have opened if I hadn't quit even my "casual" game time, and made inroads in my work. It was so worth it - and I think I AM now past my 90 day challenge that started Nov 5th I think? I'm wishing you ALL the best and want to encourage you to FACE the challenges in life head on, learn to deal with the let-downs and pain, because the fruits of your labors will also begin to come then as well. We all need to be stronger, and the gaming industry has only become something to weaken us and make us less-than what we could be by our consuming. Be productive and enjoy the little things! I will check back in here when I can! All the best for now, - TCQ
  5. January 27, 2022 Apologies for lack of posting - and I'm missing out on yours as well! Just very busy trying to meet a deadline. Happy to be too busy to game, and feeling very fulfilled getting into my work instead. After that deadline delving into the audio and video hobbies as well. Hope you all are doing well and keep going!
  6. One of the first things I did starting this was go seriously digging for other things to spark my interest and to engage my brain as much as games did (or more). Guitar is awesome but maybe more options in addition could help -- if you haven't already, go check out Cam's list of hobbies or other things out there that maybe you haven't given thought to yet. You can do it! Keep going! And I feel your pain? MMOs have been my main weakness BUT I have a thing for games like Zeus as well lol. GL!
  7. Glad you're here, you're in a good place. Great first-post! You're definitely not alone in your thoughts.
  8. I know what you mean!!! I was watching like 5 minutes of a LOTRO video (someone else running through and playing). The person was describing all the "achievements" which I know are massive repetetive time-sinks. All I could think was...How did I find that fun for soooo long??? I realize now I just wanted to escape into that environment, but the actual actions in-game inherently weren't 'fun' in and of themselves. If we were to strip away the beautiful environment, relaxing music and story... it's just moving through blank space and mashing buttons against a complex piece of pixel-geometry ad-nauseum - with a dopamine hit given on the "achievement" of "x spiders pew-pew'd" lol It's all vapor! My brain must be re-adjusting (off the dopamine hits).. I am so happy about it - so much more excited about real life accomplishments (or even little steps toward them) than I was before. Enjoy your dinner, well deserved!
  9. January 23, 2022 Haven't posted in a few days, been busy, a good busy. Cold Turkey works well - and the Brain.fm focus music actually works for me too. I'm working toward a deadline though so have been 'crunching' - and there's always a period of crashing and needing rest thereafter. Will have to get things into better balance then. No games yet, only minimal "cravings" on occasion. Glad I took this challenge on. All for today!
  10. I haven't had to use passwords just yet - but if need be I'll give that power to the spouse lol. I'm hoping not to have to do that yet! Sometimes there's a need to unlock temporarily, but it seems to work for me so far just to have Cold Turkey open on a screen (i have two); unblock temporarily, do what I need - and the cold turkey software is there to remind me to shut it down ASAP. I'm definitely finding it a useful program!
  11. January 18, 2022 3 Things I'm grateful for today: - Truth-seekers - Big honking pots of Shredded beef chile con carne - Grapefruit Stay 'frosty' and enjoy the day...
  12. January 17, 2022 Still honing my use of Cold Turkey. Realized that after dinner when I'm really starting to zone out is when I start getting an itch for the social media - I think it isn't just the news, but the interactions with people and seeing what's happening and other peoples' thoughts that I start to crave. Probably because I have to work behind monitors, solo all day. Also a replacement for the interaction lost from the MMO's. I'm not sure I can 'blame' myself for wanting that interaction, per se- we're human and need it. There must be a good balance in here somewhere; working on it. Enjoy your day!
  13. I might have said this before but I love your journal entries lol... I'm quoting you on cooking although you have way more great things going on in your list (which give me even more hope for the future that this really is the right choice I made, too). I'm not Korean but tried making "Tteokbokki eggs" (spicy!) for the first time last week, was delicious - life improves so much when you've learned how to cook! I try a new recipe every week (or make one up). As for failure, yeah I feel ya, shake it off, shake it off!
  14. What you said just made me think, in terms of the MMO's.. my GM's miss me (from two different MMO's lol). I miss them too but write to them sometimes. So easy for us to look at the positive social aspects in gaming -- but not question whether that outweighs the consequences (of being social trapped within an illusory game world, vs being social in person, real people, whose pain or happiness and real life issues we can really experience). I wish there was a happy medium with the games but it's gone too far outer limites. I do not want to live in an illusion however easy and fun. Okay I rambled. All for now!
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