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  1. Journal entry #3 60 day of detox! Two months passed since I stopped gaming. If someone three months ago will say to me "In a month, you will not game anymore and it will be your own decision" I would laugh at him. I can't belive how far I've come. At first, I thought that I will relapse a few times and I would have to restart my detox, but it seems that my willpower is a bit stronger than I think. I hope to keep it this way. Also, seeing my progress, gives me a lot of confidence for continuing my mission. But the progress, should not make me feel safe. By reading others journals(thank you all for sharing with your experience), I found out a pattern which doesn't apply to all cases but it repeats in like 30-50% of the journals. (Usually it happens around 50-60 day of detox, but again, it depends on person, I remember that there were people which get this point at 30 or even 90 day, in both cases it's completely OK as long as you fighting, cause process of detox varies, depending on many things) When someone gets past thinking about games and his cravings are so weak that almost gone, he decides to get more results from his actions. To change his activities from the ones used to drag away from games, to ones bringing more results(I refered to this in my previous journal entry, that's why I kept eye on this, in others journals, because I think that this also affects me and can bring me information, on what to expect in the future). People at this stage, usually gets past, rest of their detox easily, but then few weeks later, they write about a relapse. My first thought was that, it happens because people try to get too much of their lives, getting too many things to handle or falling into routine of their daily schedule. But on second thought it's feeling too safe which made them relapse. Finishing detox, getting better results in life, improvement in social skills, this led to feeling that everything is fine now, that I left behind my bad gaming life. Unfortunatelly, demons of the past will come back, sooner or later but they will. Of course they are weaker at this stage(we make them weaker), but they still exist. I wrote this post, for me 30 days later(and so on), when I reach 90 day detox. Because "90", it's only a number and the willpower is the real game-changer, or rather life-changer Future me, remember how games destroyed your life, DON'T GET BACK TO THIS.
  2. I've read your journal and I'm very impressed by the progress you've made. You've mentioned that you refused gaming smash bros with your friend, this is the proof that you're on good track with your detox, you can say "NO" to games and you will have to say it again in the future. Just don't give up and keep it this way. Greetings, Piotr.
  3. Piotr signing in! Goals in may: Keep up with the detoxPost in my journal regurarlyBecome more confident and socialMake my plans my life Be here with others and for others
  4. Journal entry #2 58 day of detox Hi again In the beggining, I would like to thank you guys for all the support, it's really helpfull. Secondly, I would like to take into consideration a thought that is on my mind since last few days. I don't even think about gaming anymore, since last two weeks I stopped even looking at games&tech section in my favourite news website. I can feel the power of detox, cleaning me from urge to play. But, what came into my mind, was that, I'm not really productive. Although, my progress with detox came even further than I previously thought it wil, I found out that I fill my time with activities which were good at begging to drag me away from games. Now I feel that they need to be something more than time-fillers and turn it into results-bringers. I need to progress in my detox and go into next stage(BTW. Doesn't that mean that my mind is rewiring from games into hmmm... life?). In example, I spend whole yesterday evening by watching three new episodes of my favourite tv series(20 minutes each) and then, before sleep, I watched 2 hour film which I already saw. Thinking about it today, I feel that watching this repetition was waste of time, also I realized that when I'm listening to music, I'm just sitting next to my laptop mindlessly browing the internet. Thus, I thought about new activities, which will actually bring something into my life. I've signed up for driver license course, allowing me to drive trucks(in my country there is a seperate driver license class for cars and trucks). This will help me to change my place of work to hometown and get better job.I'm more focusing on learning how to create websites. I was talking with my older brother in law, and asked him If he have any ideas for a side job(when I was at the begining of my detox, looking for activities). He is a web developer and said, that he will help me on getting side projects, which I could do in my home, if I learn programming. This, can give me more money and alternative, if something will went bad with my current job. I'm currently in half of the HTML course. I'm gonna post in this journal about my progress to keep track of it.I also need to regulate my current activities, to get more from them, through consistency. From today I'm planning to spent 30 minutes daily(monday to friday) learning for my studies. Read, at least a chapter a day of some book(not connected with my studies). Also, I need a physical training plan(I will get it this evening), to change my thinking from "maybe I will make some wourkout on bars today"(which leaded to excuses to make it tomorrow) to "today is a bars workout day".That came into my mind today. I hope to make it a part of my life and add more into future. Thank you for reading PS. I ordered "Resilience" advised by Cam, which will certainly bring some positive view into my life. But, what do you think about reading fantasy books(since I was always liked fantasy)? Wouldn't it be a waste of time?
  5. Talk with your wife and explain her your problem, tell her that you want to change but need her support. If you see that there is a problem with certain game, maybe it's time to sell it. I would advice to take this action with your wife, so she would see that you would abandon everything for her and kids. What's more important, don't give up. It's worth it. Greetings
  6. Wisely said, I like this quote Quitting, will change your life in many positive ways and if it gets hard, you have our support! Greetings!
  7. When I had my first detox weekend, I decided to make it "tryout (new activities weekend)", which totally failed lol. Failed, because I started by reading book, which hooked me in so much that it took me whole weekend to read it(excluding housekeeping and physical training), so I didn't tried much then. I forgot, how much I loved to read before I started playing. Maybe there is an activity, which you enjoyed doing before you started to play? If you don't have any idea for filling your time, check Cam 60 hobby/activities ideas. Keep going, keep posting
  8. We can't wait to see what your future holds too. Just stay with community, and what's most important, stay with your son. Greetings.
  9. Help is here, on these forums. All of us went this hard route(or is on route like me), so you will find lots of understanding, support and advices. Don't listen to this stupid jokes, just next time ask your friends politely, what they changed in their lifes for better? Did they overcome their addictions/bad habbits? It's very common, that people laughing at others about their struggle with addiction, can't even start to try overcome theirs. Just don't give up, you've made best decision you could make.
  10. Just be consistent and keep going. I'm looking forward to hearing from you
  11. Journal entry #1 57 day of detox Hi, I've posted my journal a bit late than started my detox, I don't event know why, maybe I had to have time to grow and change to join community. Anyway, I started detox because when i looked back at my life I realised how much I lost because of gaming: Love. I gave up on the love of my life, although I'm with other girl now, I know that escaping to games, instead of taking care of my relation, was a major failure in my life.Money. It's easy to complain about lack of money, that it's not my fault that I was borned in family where money was an issue, but it's my fault that I was gaming, instead of getting a job.People. I've lost contact with my friends and become anti-social.Time. We can't turn time to change all the things that happened. There is no going back to this. I can only change the future for better and I will.Myself. Because all of the above...I was browsing the internet when I found Cam TedX talk and the next video in suggested section was "90 day detox" . I thought about it a few days and started it. At first, it was hard not to play. If gaming was my whole life, then what to do without it? Cravings were strong. I've started to fill my time with workouts, reading, learning and taking more interest about things that surround me. All of these seemed pointless at first, but in time, with consistency, everything started to have sense and bring results. Now I don't even feel cravings, except one, to change my life for better. Now I try to NOT to feel sad about loosing a girl, friends, time, being kicked out from university, because those are only valuable lessons which I should remember, but should NOT feel depressed about loosing them(that would lead to nowhere, or even worse, to gaming). Those are things that shaped me, a man, which wants a better life and goes for it. That's all what comes in my mind today(I was never a talkative type of person). More will come in time. Greetings, Piotr.
  12. Hi, My name is Piotr and I come from Poland. I've been passively watching all the videos with no engagement and I felt that it's time to change this and join the forums, join the community. My "hi post" is a bit late, because I'm currently on my 57 day of detox. WOW I never thought I would go so far, where mmorpg games were my life. 57 days ago, I looked back in my life and realised how much I lost because of gaming: love, money, people, time and whats most important myself. I want to change it and become a better person. OK, I think that's all for introduction, I'm goin now to start my daily journal, hope to see you there. Thank you for your time and hi again
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