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  1. Hi thanks for all the kind words and advice guys, its very much appreciated. I've sat down with my wife and discussed the addictive nature of gaming. We are making some progress in the right direction although there is a very long road ahead. I've found it easy to stop playing because what I'm at risk of losing, my wife & kids, have so much more value than what I am giving up. My focus now is on building back those vital relationships and getting my mind and body straight.
  2. Hi I'm Mark I am in my early forties so very much an old-timer here. I'm originally from the UK but have lived in Australia for the past 5 years. I have played videogames since the 80s and for the most part my gaming wasn't a problem. However in October of 2014 I was made redundant and that triggered an obsession with Destiny that has severely damaged my relationship with my wife of almost 11 years and my 3 kids. As ashamed as I am to admit it , Destiny took over my life and nothing else seemed to matter. My wife/kids/job/hobbies and interests all became secondary to Destiny. If I wasn't playing I would be reading Reddit about it or listening to a podcast about it or failing that watching others play on Twitch. Recently things finally came to a head with my wife and she explained the seriousness of our situation. Despite her telling me numerous times over the past 18 months that I was not functioning as a member of our family somehow failed to listen. A week ago I stopped playing my Xbox and more importantly I quit playing Destiny. Hopefully I can fix the damaged relationship I have with my wonderful wife and kids and re-establish myself in the real world. I am so ashamed that I've let things get to where they have. How could someone my age with a decent education and job allow this to happen? I take full responsibility for being in the situation I am in, and I am 100% committed to winning my wife back and making my kids proud of their dad.