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  1. The power of habit is an excellent book!! I'm not much of a reader myself. I can read for about 20 minutes and then I'm sleeping. That doesn't mean I dont enjoy books though! I started using audible.com again not too long ago. Maybe try listening to a book if your feeling like you spend too much time reading. Igo for a walk every morning for an hour and listen to audio books. It works for me, you may like it as well.
  2. I've been flirting with this for a long time now. It first started with my health years ago. I was way overweight. 300lbs. I knew then that my love of gaming helped me get there. So I cut back. Started working out and lost a ton of weight. I got healthy. I went back to games. I gained back my weight. I lost it again. Went back to games and gained back. At one point I thought I finally had it down. Until my son was born 10 months ago. It's been hard for me to get here, but I've known for quite a while this was coming. It's something I needed to do. It started with all of my old school classics. They went first a couple months ago. Today, as gut wrenching as it was, I sold off the last of my collection. My Wii U with over 50+ games, physical and downloaded. I almost talked myself out of it a few times. It's hard and its uncomfortable because I took away that saftey I've always gone back too. I grew up with it. I literally love video games. I have the master key from Mario 64 tattooed on my right bicep. I let games hold me back long enough though. One day if my son shows a real interest, maybe I'll pick up a controller again. For now though, I'm a little sad, but I'm happy. I feel like a weight has been lifted. It's crazy. I want to see what I can do without the games. For the first time in my life I have zero games and I'm okay with this. I guess it's bitter sweet. I'm ready for this though. I cannot wait to see what the future holds.