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  1. Thanks. I wish it was easy, but I hit a bump in the road last night. Had a bit too much to drink and was a bit stupid. I didn't go back to playing games or anything but I was resorting to alcohol to get a bit of excitement, social fulfillment, stress relief etc. It's not a substance I want to turn to in future. My partner was very supportive. Pretty stern but fair. I'm going to try work on myself in this area of my life too. I think anxiety is the underlying problem for me that has me avoid social situations, unfamiliar situations, etc. And games, alcohol, things of that help me sw
  2. I've been a bit lax on this journal to say the least! Days 09-12 I've been offline mostly because my PC is in the studio, the coldest part of the house at night during autumn/winter (lower hemisphere). I haven't been gaming though! I've actually been reading, still going with my Typography and trying to fight the urge to eat food that's bad for me. I've been lax on physical exercise too and really want to get back into it. I did have a tough time a few days ago saying no to games, seems like everyone was asking me on the same day if I wanted to play a game with them. Had to grit
  3. Congrats Zeno, I was thinking of getting a better PC for games earlier this year. One of the perks of starting this journey to quit is thinking about how much I save on buying equipment like that! It's been awesome and inspiring seeing how much reading you've been doing!
  4. Couldn't get into my account for a few days. Days 05 - 08 Starting to see signs of things getting harder now. I keep wanting to fill the time with games or something with instant gratification. I've noticed I've been watching Youtube and Netflix a lot more now. I'm still being productive, still learning new things and socializing a lot more. But there's temptations to set up a console and game again. I want the 30 day cancellation period of my Steam account deletion to just hurry up already. So playing those games will just not be an option. I'm still going with my Typography co
  5. Thanks! I work at a smaller company. Only thing I can really say regarding the addictiveness is that there's a known crossover between manipulative gambling tactics and gameplay feedback. Lots of visual and audio stimuli that can be used in many different ways to be compelling. I can't remember where the study is but there was a confirmation that for things like slot machines and gambling, it wasn't a requirement for the person to win money in order for them to get the adrenaline and endorphin rush that kept them going (even going so far as to suggest that winning was annoying, because it disr
  6. Thanks! Day 02 Was at work for most of today, I uninstalled Steam on my work PC (as I usually spent all lunch playing games). Today for lunch I decided to take a walk and listen to an audiobook. It was nice. Work was too busy to really have my mind wander toward playing games but I've never had cravings to play games during shift anyway. Guess the brain just compartmentalizes that time as no-game-time. Got home, was very tired so I slept, watched a movie when I woke up. I actually bought a typography course that I'm making a start on now. It's at the point where I'm really seein
  7. Hey Alexander! Good luck on your journey.
  8. Hey Jason, Congrats on hitting 75 days! That's super inspirational. I hope you find a lot of joy in jumping into the big world of music.
  9. Thanks Jason! Day 01 without games: Wasn't too bad. There were a few times where I was out with my partner and my mind wandered to "I want to go home soon to play some games - " before redirecting to "But I've closed my Steam account and don't have any games to play." It was frustrating going through that mental loop a few times, but I think the extra step of just removing games as a viable option has helped a lot. What also helped was talking to my partner and we had filled up the day with other things - doing groceries, getting coffee and then catching up with a friend for dinner.
  10. Thanks to both of you. I think your suggestion is really valid Zeno. Getting back in touch with them might not be feasible but I'm sure there will be people in a similar boat to myself at my workplace. One thing I have noticed is that there's lots of people there with very healthy social and physical lives (lots of groups for different sports and hobbies outside of games), so I'm looking into joining those. 🙂
  11. Hi everyone, Looking to start my journey to quitting games. I'm in my early 30s and have interacted with games my whole life, ever since I was a kid. I've not actually tried to quit games before, but I do play them a lot (every day, multiple hours after work) and there's much more in life I'd like to do but am either afraid to, or am too tired when I get home and games are an easy out. I feel like I'm not progressing in areas of life like I would want to, and playing too many games are a core reason for that. The really tricky part however, is the fact that I work in the games indust