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  1. A week ago I came back to this forum for the 4th or 5th time. I vowed to never play video games again to save my future and enjoy life. Well, here we are a week later. I relapsed immediately the day after. It just feels that it's impossible to quit. It's damn hard to even take a break for one single day. Yesterday again I noticed that I was getting anxious when I was at my girlfriends place overnight. It feels like I can't enjoy life without games at all... Nothing brings the same satisfaction and I refuse to accept the boredom that follows quitting. I refuse to accept the feelings cause
  2. Long story sho... long story long. It's my 4th time joining this forum. I am 27 years old and gaming has been dictating my life for a long time, probably since I was like 5 years old. Lately I have been disturbed with questions inside my own head. I keep thinking: "I want to quit gaming and do something to promote a career, get a personality" but after that I keep thinking "meeh, how about giving gaming another chance, let's take one more shot at league of legends ranked queue and rise the ranks to top 1000 players. C'mon, you have been doing it for 10 years already. Don't let those hour
  3. Hello Jared, I just "respawned" a couple of days ago too. I read your entire post. I already apologize for any language issues here, as I am not using my native language 😛 The things that especially drew my attention are listed in the quote, and man, you really had a similar situation like me, for a long time. I can pretty much identify myself from your text, with the exception that I might be a little younger than you, so the games that I used to play were different. Also in my adult years, I mostly played competitive games only. One big thing is also that I am not an OCD-type of a pers
  4. Hi and thanks for the warm wishes 🙂 I am well aware of the toughness required for this journey since it's my third time already on these forums since 2017 😄 It is very true that the exhaustion is going to kick in in the beginning stages, yet it always gets me off guard. Yikes. I have a somewhat addiction prone personality, so it doesn't make things easier. Being aware of things like the dopamine in this case, is really beneficial though, because it makes a rational mind to process things more effectively. It is easier to feel that there is a reason for the addiction and therefore it's al
  5. My journey towards a life without games and endless procrastination started on September 29th 2020. I was very heavily addicted by League of Legends. Step 1 was to admit myself that I have a problem and that I should make it clear to myself, that I just can't play League in moderation. Other games are not as appealing - on the contrary they are usually even boring and feeling mostly waste of time, as my friends do not really play anything else either. This decision will make me lose most of my social contacts, but hey, I can always make new ones! Days 1 and 2: Yesterday
  6. Hello again GQ I decided to give this community another shot... I quit gaming for the first time 3 years ago and I joined this forum with nickname Yani, too bad I couldn't get my hands into my old account anymore haha ^^ Back then Cam was able to restore that account for me so if the same is possible now, I would be in deep gratitude 🙂 Anyway. Back in the day, I wrote the detox diary stuff here for like 80 days and I noticed that it was super good for the quitting process. At least for me it was, it might not be the same for everyone. I am a person who likes to be noticed and wh
  7. The topic drew my attention - a fellow LoL quitter here too. Wishing you all the strenght and luck in quitting that menace of a game. -Jani