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  1. 38 days without video games. It’s been over two weeks since i updated my journal. I haven’t played video games during these weeks even thought I have had strong urges to do so. At one point I made my plans to go back to gaming and even decided a day when I would play again. A day before I was going to play I found an article in New York Times about video game addictions. It made me reconsider my plans to play and reminded me why I decided to take this journey in the first place. I can see that emotional side of me would like to go back to gaming. I remember all those good and funny moment
  2. 21 without video games I'm doing great. I haven't had cravings to play video games after my previous update and i'm not interested to take contact to my friends in ps community anymore. I'm motivated to do 90 day detox and i feel that i will be able to do it this time. My life is going much better direction now and i have no interest to go back to gaming anymore. I don't have much else to say this time. Everything is good now. I just wanted to come here and give a brief update where i'm going now. I'll be back. Martin
  3. Thank you Jani for sharing your story. I'm glad that you find your way back in this community. It doesn't matter did you play 7000 or 10 000 hours last year or how many hours you have played during past 10 years. Don't let those things take you down. What really matters is that you are here now. I hope you will be able to spend those next 7000-10 000 hours to move forward things that really matters you most. I wish all to best for you journey. Martin
  4. Thank you Jared for sharing your story. In a way your story was again one remind for myself why i needed to quit gaming. I was plugged in that fantasy world for years too. I wish all best for your journey to respawn back to real life. Martin
  5. 17 days without games. These few days after my previous update have been full of ups and downs. I have felt cravings to play video games few times but more than that my feelings have gone up and down. Sometimes it feels like a roller coaster. My biggest goal now is to finish my master degree at the end of this school year but at the moment workload from uni feels heavy. There is so much things i need to do. Articles that i need to read, papers that i need to write and courses that i need to accomplish. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. Beside this i have a part time job that is not related
  6. Thanks MuMuMelon, i appreciate your words! Martin
  7. Today i have been 14 days without video games. I feel relieved. I have had long breaks from video games before but this time everything feels different. When i quit gaming two weeks ago i decided that i will stay out of all video games and games related content like streams, news etc. During these next three months i want to take my mind as far from video games and gaming culture that is surrounding them that i can and take time for full recovery. It's cold turkey style but i think for me it's the only way to succeed. I have tried moderation countless times before but failed every time.
  8. Hello everyone! I'm Martin from Norway. I have had problems with video games since my early childhood. I started to play Nintendo in 90's and moved later to Playstation consoles. I have played game series like Super Mario, Metal Gear Solid, Tekken, GTA and finally Overwatch among many others. Past 4 years i have played video games more intense manner and it have effected heavily on my studies, works, relationship and much more. Last two years i have fought against my addiction by cutting down time that i spend playing, taking long breaks from games (weeks, even months) and taking console