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  1. Hey man, just checking in, lots of stuff to unpack I see. Get better soon! Make sure you get some exercise in that gently moves your back, but if it maintains and is really bad go see a doctor. Also, nothing wrong with a few easy days, I just took a few myself, getting back to it as we speak. Take care!
  2. Europe 🙂 I know, not very specific but that's all I would like to share. Congrats on day 32!
  3. Hey everyone. Starting a daily journal is a bit of a weird one when you can only estimate the day count. It has really been two years, and I have not fallen back to actually play, although there were some close calls, especially recently. Staying vigilant and joining this community helps. I am looking to improve myself as well, and because my struggles are often linked to gaming when I feel that I am stressed or stuck, I felt that this forum might be a good place to share some of my attempts. I will be trying intermittent fasting with a twist! I will reward myself with food. So my hours will be minimum 16, but will largely depend on when I am done with the amount of work I want to be done with. I DO NOT recommend this for other people. I try this now with awareness to my routine and capabilities. I might make this a once in a while thing. Who knows. Have a good day everyone!
  4. Depression is a though one and I can only begin to imagine what getting off games and not relieving depression might feel like. I had suicidal thoughts, although no actual intention to commit to them before I stopped gaming. After just 2-3 weeks after quitting the thoughts evaporated. I was getting somewhere in life, and that always felt good. If you can see a therapist, or maybe a doctor for medication, you might want to consider that option. If not, exercise, diet and sleep will be your best bet. A bonus point for meditation. Stay strong!
  5. Hey AG! Hope you are well. Writing your own story is a big one. I know you like Goggins too. What have you got in mind? What do you want to build?
  6. Hey Morgan! Good news! You can. Before I start saying what I want to, are you sure about your username? If that is your actual name I suggest starting a new one and going anonymous instead. There is a reason AA is Alcoholics Anonymous. It's super late here so I'll just say, WELCOME! You made a great decision. Go ahead and make that diary and start writing about your days and what you want to achieve. If losing weight is your goal, the good thing is that your hobby is already laid out for you. Football is a good one out in the open. And once again, welcome to the community. Congratulations for making the leap!
  7. So, I have been trying to get myself to do things. My issue is that I often lose sight of things, which has led me to become a person I no longer like, with a downward slope. It's not that I lose sight of things actually, more that I don't force myself to do the things I need to, rather than I want. Basically I still have a child's mentality when it comes to work. Embarrassing to admit, but true nonetheless. Now I try to correct that by remembering the person I have started showing to be, and using that thought of 'him' as a warning tale to get myself to do the work. Today, it seemed to be a good start. By far not perfect, but I already did more than before. Hope you all have a lovely day!
  8. That's great man! If you feel that watching e-sports is not detrimental to your health than I am not here to tell you anything. But be sure to be honest with yourself. Could you go without watching the pro scene, or would that also provoke removal symptoms? Just trying to be open and helpful here. Take care 🙂
  9. One of the interesting things about bringing yourself down for things in the past is that it makes relapse more likely. Even regret is something your should just breathe through. I mean that literally, use it as an opportunity to breathe and meditate, even if just for 10 seconds. And congratulations on breaking your past limit with that 60 day mark! That's a big one. I remember when I broke mine with 14 days. That one was wild too. Wim Hof is cool. Which reminds me that James Nestor apparently has two books out on b r e a t h i n g . I think I will read the most recent one. 'Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art'. Also, if you are into meditation lately, I would check out 'Altered Traits'. I'm currently listening to the audiobook. Admittedly, I just started so I can't say how good it is, but it sure is promising. Have a good one! EDIT: If you would like a new hobby I'd honestly recommend reading. I'm not saying it will be your permanent solution, but people I deeply respect are inspired by books and learn all the time from them, so even if reading won't be THE hobby, you might find what you are looking for there.
  10. Hey Mu! Why do you feel the need to do even more than what you already do? Meditation and Yoga are fantastic already. Do you feel like they don't fill out your time well enough?
  11. Hey Stanley! How are you? Do you feel that the e-sports could be progressively switched to something else?
  12. Thanks @MuMuMelon! I appreciate that. I'm not going to say it's nice to be back, but there is a sense of nostalgia, just like my first 90 day detox haha. Congratulations to you too! 58 days is impressive. Is this your first detox?
  13. Hey man! Welcome back. Great to see your newfound effort and your health turning better. How are you nowadays? Do you still have intense removal symptoms?
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