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  1. There is always option that after the MRI there will be a way to fix it without surgery so lets hope for that! But yeah, the recovery time for it seems long but then a few months flies by pretty quickly too. Good job on the meditation, I would not be able to go for that long. I struggle even with the 5-10 min meditation haha.
  2. Day 3 Habits: Positive: (Lab_work:3, Russian:3, R programming:3, Excel:3, Workout:2, Stretching:2) Gaming free:3 Productive time: 10:38:00 Get out of bed time: 07:30 Yesterday was great. I got everything done and really enjoyed the morning routine. I like how I get most of the main things out of the way and then when I go to the lab and finish there was nothing that I needed to do in the afternoon. I kinda felt bored tbh. I ended up watching some gaming videos which was not good. I might slowly wean out of those. They are a risk of relapse but
  3. Best of luck with achieving your desired weight. I am sure it is achievable especially if the main reason were the drug side effects. Oh I see, sorry to hear that. Hopefully you will be able to recover quickly and get back to yoga and later, weightlifting too. Injuries are super annoying but part of life and sometimes hard to avoid. For the pushups have a look at pushup bars, it won't help with the shoulder pain but it pretty much solved the wrist pain I sometimes had with the exercise. Or you could just do them on your fists as that puts your wrist in a more neutral position too. However they
  4. Day 2 Habits: Positive: (Lab_work:2, Russian:2, R programming:2, Excel:2, Workout:1, Stretching:1) Gaming free:2 Productive time: 08:00:00 Get out of bed time: 07:45 Yesterday was a good day, I felt a bit anxious as I was struggling to work with some data. I realized that I have still a huge gaps in my programming knowledge because I was only learning it a little and had not used it for my project properly yet. Even thought the main issue was with the data itself I was annoyed that I was not able to solve it. Once I calmed down I was pretty in
  5. Thanks buddy! Fair enough, it did took me a while to fully get used to it but I used to skip breakfast anyway on most days so it wasn't that hard of a change for me. At the end of the day just stick with whatever works best for you. I also would not put that much importance on the weight itself, I think that if you feel like you lost some and look better then that might be more significant that just weight. As weight is very flexible depending on food/water intake and so on. I think that with some rest and recovery exercises your knees should get better. Unless it was some kind of acute
  6. Day 1 Habits: Positive: (Lab_work:1, Russian:1, R programming:1, Excel:1, Workout:1, Stretching:1) Gaming free:1 Productive time: 05:57:00 Get out of bed time: 08:05 Yesterday was okay. I have not done some main things I wanted to but at least I woke up early and got done with my routines and habits and everything seems to be working quite nicely. I realized that I am struggling with overstimulation. I constantly seek some random small thing that would give me some dopamine and keep me in this happy state while I procrastinate. Number one for
  7. Sorry to hear that you are struggling with such injuries. Hoping that they will get better soon, as well as the MRI shows you some good results and options that will help you. I have not posted much but decided to start posting regularly again, I created a new journal as I wanted a complete reset. Have you tried intermittent fasting? I think that helped me the most when it comes down to losing weight. I have been doing it for some time now and I really enjoy the freedom of not needing to eat every few hours.
  8. Day 0 Habits: Positive: (Lab_work:0, Russian:0, R programming:0, Excel:0, Workout:0, Stretching:0) Gaming free:0 Productive time: 00:00:00 Get out of bed time: 00:00 Here we go again, I have been testing things out over last few day, even relapsed a bit once again and came back to conclusion that I want to keep up this journal daily, write it in the morning and decided to delete old one and make a new start. Something just felt right about this reset. I have managed to fix my schedule a bit and started waking up early and work on several thing
  9. That is quite unfortunate. I hope that you find someone who does not give you bad energy. Don't worry mate you will get up to speed soon I am sure! It's quite hard with no fap, I think it is quite natural to have sex drive and completely stopping requires tons of self control. You should look at the positive of how long you were able to stay nofap and not beat yourself over relapsing. This stuff happens, now you know that you will be able to got longer next time.
  10. That's fair enough, no point forcing yourself if it makes you miserable. Could you maybe talk more online or do you get the bad energy even that way? It does sounds rough. Good luck with the treadmill that will be nice to get some more exercise again. Still the yoga sounds great! Good job with the work, but it's good to be aware of the stress and the workload so you do not burnout.
  11. Sorry to hear that, but well if that's how you feel and makes you feel better than it might be good. Isn't there anything you can do about her energy? I am sure that is someone who you will be able to connect without experiencing negative symptoms. Sounds like you had a rough day yesterday, the fleas are really annoying but at least now you know how to get rid of them pretty quickly. Well at least now they won't return back from the client as you won't visit. Good job on the long meditation and yoga. I want to get more into yoga and stretching again too. It is a super useful habit.
  12. I am sure there will be more noticeable improvements once your are off them completely but even that might take a few days after that. Mindfulness should be a great way to help with that, otherwise what works for me is to work on something, or do something that takes my mind of those kind of thoughts. Seems like things are going well, even though it might be difficult to open up more, I would say that it is necessary for a relationship to work. As long as you have a good time I do not think that it matters how you met. On top of that it seems like a great opportunity considering the ongoing pa
  13. It definitely is, lately I have been rewatching quite a few shows with a friend and it is super nice. Also she has not seen some of them so it's cool to see her reactions to certain scenes haha. Awsome! That's great to hear. Seems like it is going well. Are you already seeing some sleep improvements with just the lowered dose? That's pretty good, do you want to lose some more? Yes they are, they are probably the most nutrient dense foods out there. I do the same sometimes too, I tend to worry about my work too and lot of times it is just things in my head that if I think about it logically are
  14. Oh, I see. Well you have a lot to look forward to haha. It is always nice to watch shows with someone. No need to rush, especially if that can have negative side effects so better take all the time you need. I quite like beef, I do not use port that much but it is nice to mix things up. Lately I have been including more organ meats into my diet and I think it is a great way to get a lot of nutrients although I am aware that lot of people do not like the flavor. This job seems pretty good so do not worry about it too much, on top of that getting hours is the main thing, once you get licensed th
  15. It can be rough when we plan out too many things for the day. I tend to make the same mistake too, sometimes its possible if everything goes perfectly but if something goes wrong then it feels like the whole day falls apart and that is devastating. What helps me sometime is not to focus on getting everything perfectly but on smaller achievements and their overall accumulation over time. However, as I am saying that I still run into the same issue so I know that it is not that easy. I am a huge fan of the earlier sunrise too. It makes waking up so much easier. I struggled with it so badly durin
  16. Just give it time and you will see. Have you been watching the final season of AoT? It is so good, I just wish all of it was out as it is painful to wait a week for new episode. I started rewatching from beginning again with a friend of mine. She has not seen it before because she thought it was too brutal but I think that she likes it now. Best of luck with getting of the meds. There is always something to strive towards but it is worth to appreciate what we already achieved too. Getting it half a year sooner would be awesome. Stir fry sounds great, I have not made that in ages. Thanks f
  17. Good to see that thing are going well for you now! Nice to hear that you met a girl and was able to connect. Hopefully you get along well. I found that it is always nice to have some common interests as it makes it easier for conversation but it is not always necessary. It's great to see that you are finally earning hours towards the licensure with your new job! Keep up the good work mate!
  18. That's great, well as long as you have a dip and pull up bar then you are pretty much set, with the deadlift set up on top of that you can cover whole body no problem. It is going slowly, I still wish I did more but it was better than nothing. That's good to hear, my sleep schedule is still some work in progress. The main issue though I would say is that I have no motivation to get out of bed in the morning. Sorry to hear that the new supervisor is not that behaving that well. Hopefully you will manage to fix that and get a good helpful superviser
  19. It is annoying that it takes time again even to get back to routine that we might have before. That is not that long, if that helps you with acne that would be great. Seems like you are doing a great job. Just give it time and as I mentioned it will be less stressful once you are more used to it. I got back to working out again which is great, finally had a short one yesterday. I still need to make it a habit again but I will get to that. I mainly struggle with my sleep schedule but I will fix it. I have to.
  20. Same friend, the whole relapse and my application were quite stressful so that might have caused it too. Well not that things are getting back to normal as well as I eat better the acne is getting better too. Good job on getting so many clients that's awesome. You are better off with the new job then, even if it might be a bit more stressful and harder, with time I am sure you will adjust to it. Not to mention that it is that much better paid than the old one. Good job on the 10k steps.
  21. Don't worry, the side effects will definitely wore off but it might take some more time till all of them are gone. Good to hear that you are getting well with your supervisor now, let's hope it stays that way but if he seems okay it should be fine. It is hard to do anything when its too hot in the summer, but then I do like the summer as going out for a swim with friends is always a great fun. I feel you on the acne I had some break out over last few days too, I am pretty sure it was because my diet was shit and I had quite a bit of McDonalds and Dominos, it is already getting better now that
  22. That's awesome news, let's see this supervision work out this time! Well it is not easy to work for parents but it is something to do I guess. Good to hear that you are feeling better after the vaccine. Being healthy and feeling that way is most important as everything else suck if you are not feeling good. It is really cold here atm but it should get warmer during weekend. However, I kinda like it though. It feels refreshing being outdoors when its this cold but I have not gone for run in this weather so I am not sure about that either. It might make breathing a lot harder but unless I go I w
  23. Sorry to hear that, it is not easy to get up earlier. I am glad that the sunrise is now earlier than it was in winter so I can go for workout earlier as I used to do during summer and that felt amazing, especially during sunrise. That must be difficult. But I am sure there is a supervisor out there that you will be able to work with! Sorry to hear all that, it sounds stressful. Having such a bad supervisor must be terrible. Thats awesome that you worked out a side job with your mom. Good to hear that you have a bit better relationship now too. I usually help out with work with my dad and
  24. Good job on getting up earlier! That is always a great achievement. Hopefully you will be able to function well on less sleep. That would be great to get some more time in the day. Getting it in a year and few months seems like some time but that will fly by and would be awesome if you manage to get it. Also being on the path towards it will the main thing that matters.
  25. Waffles sound amazing, well any syrup is going to be basically just sugar. But unless consumed in excess and constantly it is not that bad. Well as long as you provide your clients with the same amount of time as before they should be fine. How much free time do you think you will gain by doing this? Good luck on your interviews!