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  1. Day 9 I already gave away my PS4 and my steam, blizzard and PSN accounts. I'm thrilled about this journey. I feel like I'm gonna live a good life. The activities I chose to replace gaming are these: To be mentally engaged: Writing articles. To be social: Create a business mastermind group. When tired: Hear fiction audiobooks (already hearing song of ice and fire) When bored: Online Courses/read non-fiction books. When feeling stressed: Walking with my dog. My back ups: Mentally engaged: Road trips with the wife (this is more like a weekend activity because my business doesn't let me do it every day). Resting: Meditation. Social activity: Dance classes with the wife. Environment changes: Work at my house terrace. Work at a starbucks (I actually always hated starbucks and preferred to work from home, but I'll try to change this) Go to the country (road trips). What I'm grateful for: Having a family that loves me and has always taken care of me. Having a business I can grow. Being alive. Having my own house. Having money to buy food. Having a dog Being humble enough to recognize my flaws. Having the oportunity to quit gaming. Having friends. Having personal transport (car).
  2. Wish the the best of lucks on your journey!
  3. Hola, amigo. Soy nuevo aquí y veo muy interesante tu journal. Soy un adicto (de drogas) en recuperación, que actualmente también está dejando de jugar video juegos. Te mando fuerza. ¿Y cómo te gustaría que fueran las cosas? Paco
  4. The same thing happened to me but with Call of Duty! Also, something similar happened to me with fucking FIFA online matches. Friend, I totally feel you. I was addicted to Call of Duty games. They were my life. I was one of those guys that most of the times ended as top player in a match. And I wil tell you this. I think that people who play FPS at a high level are very intelligent people who are also very skillful. I think you have what it takes to live an amazing life, build a business, or get an amazing job, or do anything you like at a high level. Personally, this is the second time a try to quit videogames, but the first time I lasted year and a half, and in that time I set the base of my current consulting business. It has been an amazing journey. I'm pretty sure that if you quit games 100% (yes, even Far Cry and any other shit you justify yourself to keep playing) you could change your life forever. Wish you success on your journey! Paco
  5. Hi @JLouis I totally understand what you are talking about. And I will tell you this. First, congratulations for making the decision to quit video games. It takes courage to accept you have a problem. Second, and I mean it, do not let that fucker (video games) set you back. Life is such an amazing thing, and videogames put a barrier between us and our highest dreams and hopes in this life. So, don't let those bastards waste your life. Wish you success in this journey. Never look back, no matter how you feel, or what happens. Paco
  6. Hi, William! This is exactly what happens to me. I'm not living my life to its fullest because of FPS games. Wish you the best of lucks on your journey! Paco
  7. Day 6 Today I went out with my wife. I feel the urge to play videogames, but I know that I must resist. I stayed away all day to avoid being in my house thinking about how bored I feel without gaming. And that worked. Also, today I had these self-deception thoughts saying myself that maybe I could only play on weekends, but I already discovered it will not work. I need to quit gaming forever.
  8. @JulietWelcome! Reading those games makes feel nostalgia! Wish you success in your journey. Something that's been useful for me is writing the reasons why I think I need to quit gaming, but also reading those reasons every day in the morning. Also, paste a big callendar on your wall to cross each and every day that you live without gaming. Hope this helps! Paco
  9. Welcome, bro. Something that's been useful for me is to write the reasons why I think gaming is destroying my life and reading those everyday in the morning. Also, paste a big calendar on the wall circling the first detox day, and the 90th detox day. Then, cross each and every day you live without gaming. Cheers! Paco
  10. @James S. I totally feel you. I have 31 and also married. Don't let that fucker (gaming) set you back. You deserve to live a better life. I know it's akward to say you are an "addict", but accepting it is the first step to a better life. If I can be of any help, please let me know. Cheers! Paco
  11. Hello, everybody. My name is Paco, 31 years old and I'm from Mexico. I'm looking forward to live my life to its fullest. This is the second time I try to quit gaming. The first time was about 4 years ago. At the time, I was a university dropout, I didn't have a job, was around 26 years old, and was totally addicted to Call of Duty. That game was my life. I remember waking up every midnight asking myself "what am I doing with my life?". I'm also a drug addict in recovery with 11 years clean now. So, I realized that games were destroying my life exactly the same way drugs were doing it before. Back in the day, I actually went to Narcotics Anonymous, and there they have this 90 days clean challenge, which I did back in 2008... So, to quit gaming, I wrote on paper the reasons I believed I needed to quit gaming and set to read those reasons every day for 90 days. I also pasted a calendar on my wall to cross every day without gaming. After those first 90 days crossed, I started another 90 days, and after that, I decided to quit gaming forever. In that time, I grew my current business (I'm a marketing consultant), and set the base to keep growing it. But after a year and a half (since my first day without gaming), I thought that maybe I could go back to play videogames moderately. So I went back to play. But I was wrong. A couple of years ago, after reading this article: https://medium.com/@petershallard/why-video-games-destroy-entrepreneurial-motivation-f52d0bfcd217 I realized that games, even though I was playing them in my spare time, were draining my best energy to keep improving my business and my life. Although, in some way, I keep growing my business (it's an online business so I don't have to go out to grow it), I know I can do it a lot better. But the thing is, I don't enjoy my life. On my free time, instead of enjoying the time with my wife, and family, I play videogames, and after playing videogames, I feel depressed and worn out. So, I've being trying to quit gaming again, but I always have this feeling of "being bored", and always say to myself that nothing fills the void like those damn FPS games. But after watching Cam's material, I now realized it is completely normal. Today, I'm 5 days already into my 90 day detox. I'm gonna give away my ps4 to a friend, and I'm still doubting about giving away my steam account, but I know that's the right thing to do. I want to really enjoy my life, enjoy my wife and family, and grow my business to its fullest potential. I'm commited to it. Thanks for reading my post. I'll be checking other posts and try to be of help too! See you around! Paco
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