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  1. Day seven: honestly not much to report today. Just kept busy and hung out with my roommate for most of the day ?
  2. Day Six: I survived a Saturday without games! Whoohoo!! It honestly wasn’t easy. Especially when we started talking about games at my lunch date and which games were our favorites ? but it helped knowing my steam and email was deleted so I played my guitar, read, went shopping, drew a little, and worked on a book. Anything to keep me away. Hope y’all are having a successful journey so far! You’ve got this!
  3. Thanks @giblets for the advice! You’re right. Beating myself up over this accomplishes nothing. It’s more important to focus on my goal and let others live their lives and just let it be.
  4. Day Five: Phew! Slowly making it through each day at a time. Having a busy schedule this weekend is really helping me not be dragged down. This post won’t be too long, but I just really appreciate this community. Im so glad to find people like me just trying to quit games and move on with their lives. I meet so many people who love video games who don’t seem to have the same struggle that I do with them. It’s a relief to know I’m not alone. And a relief to know it can be done. Anyways have a beautiful day today!
  5. Haha @James Good I think you are right about the cars ? and thanks @Catherine17! I appreciate both of your feedback and tips! I’ll definitely try to keep myself the most busy during the weekends and have plans for any downtime I may encounter!
  6. Day four: today was rough. Last night got a not so nice note cursing at me for accidentally parking in someone’s spot (thought it was for visitors lol ??‍♀️) Got in a car wreck this morning. Thankfully not my fault and nobody was hurt. My car seems perfectly fine, just a few scrapes in the overcoat, but the front of her car got wrecked bad. Hood completely folded in. And I'm just tired and sore today. The thought of playing kept creeping up, but I pushed it back and tried to focus on other things. Getting rid of my gaming music has surprisingly helped tremendously. And I watched the module for filling the void so I’ve been thinking of more things to do when I get bored, stressed, or tired. It’s always the weekends that hit me the worse. So if I can keep myself busy then, fingers crossed I can keep this up.
  7. Thank you @James Good and yes if you could just call it Juliet’s Journal that would be great ? and you’re right, I think the music in the past has really triggered my gaming moods. So I’m going to keep an eye on that. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll look into those! Movie soundtracks have also been a lifesaver (how to train your dragon and pride and prejudice are a couple of good ones)
  8. Day 3: Today was better. I was a lot busier today. I met up with a girl friend of mine and chatted with her for quite awhile. As part of the unplugging process I went ahead and deleted gaming soundtracks from my Spotify account. I quickly realized they were a BIG trigger for wanting to play... soooo yeah. I’ll miss the songs, but I hope to find replacements. (I didn’t realize how entrenched I was in gaming until I saw how many songs I had! Good grief :/) The worst was deleting my Skyrim playlist. I’ve never personally owned the game but I LOVE the music. It’s so calming and peaceful. But, every time I listen to it it always makes me wonder what the game would be like and that is one game I KNOW I’d get hooked to in a heartbeat. So... goodbye beautiful music. But hello to new beginnings I hope. Hope y’all are doing well with this!
  9. Lol! Thanks @James Good for the reply comment as well as the feedback. I’ll make sure to do that ?
  10. It’s okay to hurt. It’s okay to break and fall. It’s okay that life sucks and is stressful and you need a break. It’s okay to not know. And it’s okay to be you. You’re making good progress. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Keep holding on. Just do your best today even if your best is just crawling or curling into a ball to protect against the pain. Keep breathing and keep moving forward. I believe you can do it and that you’re strong (I’ve read some of your previous posts). You’ve got this Catherine!
  11. Good for you for taking those huge leaps! That seriously deserves a congratulations because I know that’s difficult. There are so many good things you can do. Learn an instrument, take up drawing or writing, start hiking (there’s an app called All Trails that’s great for finding hikes close to you). I just finished module two myself and it sucked getting rid of everything. But I believe it’ll work out in the end. You’ve got this!
  12. Well, I watched the module about powering off and felt like I got kicked in the gut. It all makes perfect sense: the reasons we go back and the loss we feel, but holy cow it hurt to think about getting rid of my games forever. But this IS what I want. I got rid of my uploaded games and filed to have my steam account deleted. It’ll take 30 days to take full effect (I tried giving them a bogus email like the directions say, but steam caught onto that and wouldn’t allow it.) Instead, the account will lock for 30 days and then be completely deleted. In the meantime, as soon as I get an update from their support, I’m deleting my email address and blocking steam with cold turkey. Next, my YouTube channel. Probably the most heart wrenching of all. For a brief while, last year, I played around with owning a gaming channel. I uploaded 25 videos, learned a lot, and really enjoyed myself! But I stopped because it never felt like it was what I should be doing. Well, I signed back on today after a long hiatus and found my first comment from a stranger on one of my videos only yesterday. “Cool.” One word that meant the world to me. Someone saw my video! Someone noticed! Even if it was just one word, I didn’t care! I started tearing up when I pushed the delete button. After all this time spent and I had to throw it away. But that’s one of the common hiccups. I know that, but... it still hurt to say goodbye. Gaming has been a huge part of my life. It’s hard to imagine a different path for myself, but I’m determined to make this happen! With Steam Account, Old Gmail, Youtube Channel, and Facebook Games either deleted or blocked, I have a higher chance of making it through. I just might fall to pieces for the next couple days, but the good thing is that I do have things to occupy my time over the week. It’s just the weekends that throw me for a loop! But this first weekend I’ll be much busier than my splurge last time. Anyways, thanks for getting through my ramblings! Hope your journey continues to move forward successfully.
  13. Thanks all for the advice and support! I really appreciate it!
  14. Juliet

    Day 1

    I’m starting this journey because last Saturday I broke. I was trying to quit gaming and my thoughts kept pulling and pulling in the direction I didn’t want to go. I broke. i grabbed a quick Taco Bell and sat for the long haul. I downloaded West of Loathing at 12:00 pm. Hours streamed by. I didn’t care. It felt so good to get lost in the story. It felt so good to earn trinkets and get level ups. It felt so good to lose my Saturday. 5:00 am. Did I really play for that long? Why? ... 17 hours?? Why? Depressed and ashamed I looked up game quitters and signed up. Watching that intro video I was filled with so much relief. I don’t want to break like this anymore. I don’t want to binge play like this. I want to be better. I need to better. Feeling: hopeful for the future as well as a little worried it may be too good to be true. But I’ve got to try. This is day one for a new beginning. Grateful for this community and the chance to start something new.
  15. Hey all! My name’s Juliet and I’ve decided once and for all to get away from video games. It all started when I was a kid. I’d watch my brothers play all sorts of games on the computer. For awhile my sister and I had a TV in our room and we’d play Super Mario for a long time. Then my brother got an N64 and the Smash Bros Wars began. My brother and all his friends would get together and hold a grand championship. Sometimes I’d play, other times I’d just watch. Playing video games made me feel like I was a part of the group even though I was several years younger than everyone else. I wasn’t good at all, so to get better I’d practice alone for several hours. Then I started playing Legend of Zelda, Majora’s Mask, and 007 Golden Eye. Those were the best times especially when my siblings had their friends come over. But then it all kind of went down hill. I started playing the Final Fantasy games and LOVED them. I’d stay up as late as I could and wake up as early as I could just to see what would happen next. I lied to my mom a lot when it came to my game time. I was depressed and alone. I had only a few friends but I didn’t really feel I could connect with them. But I connected with my games. Anyways, long story made longer, I’ve tried to quit gaming for many years. Sometimes more successfully than others, but then I’d watch a YouTube gaming video and the pull would come back. I want to quit for good. I’m tired of feeling like I have to hide. I want to spend more time outdoors. I don’t like losing my mind to the dullness of hours wasted on screen time. It’s not worth it. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read my long post. It’s nice to meet you!