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  1. There is no quitting. You don't quit. You just do not do. That ideology has helped a lot of people I know. It isn't a matter of doing something. It is just a matter of not doing something. Just don't do it.
  2. A lot of people are here for relationship or work related reasons. Good job recognizing the problem. Unless you realize that there is a problem, the problem cannot be solved. Welcome to solving your problem.
  3. Good luck not doing something xP The best way to think of stopping is to just not do it. Makes it a bit easier. You can quit, which involves actually doing something - quitting. You can, however, not play games anymore. You don't have to do anything to do that. You just literally don't do something. That's it. If you find yourself wanting to play, just don't.
  4. Maybe change the mind set. Don't consider the things that you are losing or how difficult it will be. All I can think of is how good it is that I sold all of my stuff and how much better things will be. Clean house, more piano time, healthy dinners cooked, books read, more workouts completed, more time on my road bicycle, kayaking on lakes from my childhood. All of these things that actually mean something. It will be great.
  5. Most people don't have it catch up to them or realize that it is a problems until later in life. I can't sit around and spout inspiring stuff, but there are always bad days. Accept them and move on. They happen and the next day, they are history. Just learn from them. I can suggest reading my post under general discussion "Be Bored".
  6. Our Lady of the Ice Just a simple mystery novel in an hab dome in Antarctica. I was travelling and it was on sale for $5. Easy read and great for speed reading.
  7. There really isn't such thing as a little addicted. I got rid of my gaming PC and got one that can't play them. Done.
  8. Boredom For gamers who want to stop, it is the ultimate enemy. Why do you play? Stimulus, the sense of accomplishment, the sense that you are part of something larger. To be engaged. You hate the feeling of boredom. We have all been conditioned to hate it. Everyone has that game on their phone that they play while they are waiting and can't be in front of a TV. You stymie the boredom with a flashy magazine, not an intellectual one. You crush it with candies. You demolish it with birds. You ruin the one thing that really drives people to innovate, to move on, and make more out of life. You ruin one of the most important methods of creative thinking and self-realization. You are taught to do this. If you really, truly, want to quit, you need to be bored. The one thing that the world has been conditioned to fight, to spend thousands of dollars on to combat, I am telling you that you need. Stop. Stop everything. Sit on the couch with everything off. No TV, games, music, or phones. Put away the book, the instrument, the board game. Just sit. Become bored. Truly and most absolutely, bored. You will see that it isn't so bad. You will, after a time, recognize all of the thoughts that come to you. You get a moment to reflect on yourself and the idea of true boredom. After a while, it can become relaxing. You begin to have new ideas. They won't be all that great, but it is just a start. Don't act on any of the thoughts, though. Continue to be bored. Once you realize what boredom is, lack of stimulus, you will understand why it is necessary and shouldn't be fought. Allow yourself a moment of boredom at least once per day. Eating breakfast? Eat it and just stare at it while you eat. No background TV, or music, or conversation, or anything. Just eat and be bored. It is one of the most beneficial ways to train your brain to accept it and figure out what to do with it. You will rewire the way you think through boredom and boredom, alone. The trick is not to find something else with which to fill the space of games. It is retraining the way you have conditioned your brain to think about stimulus and boredom. Do this and the space will fill itself. Be bored, my friends. Q
  9. Don't let them play. You are the parent, you tell them what to do, not the other way around. A 5-year old doesn't need a phone or tablet. It seems like you are being controlled by your child through their crying. Send the child to its room until it is done. Then, engage your child in a different way. Play a game, read together, be active in their recovery. You can't just take them away and fill it with nothing. You have to actively fill the space as the parent. You can limit play time to an hour. You can then barter with that hour if you want to take the bartering parent position, even though that is a bad road to go down with young children. Want to cry about only getting an hour? Okay, you are down to thirty minutes. Cry about that? No time at all. Be strict, be consistent, be steadfast.
  10. I am finally taking the time to actually learn the Civ 6 main theme, Songo di Volare, in piano instead of just thinking about it while I play.
  11. Welcome to the forum, I know the feelings all too much about relationship problems. I was like you. I tried to moderate it, but at the end of the day, it is just a giant waste of time. Why don't you want to quit? It is that addiction, man... you feel like you can't quit. You feel like you have invested so much already that you would be losing all that time if you were to quit. That time is already lost. The money, lost. The effort, lost. Nothing in the games is real. Imaginary payouts for real effort. Make belief things that cost part of your life. Realize that it is already all lost. Alcoholics can't moderate their drinking, long-term, just as a game addict can't moderate playing, long-term. Just get rid of it, for good. Your family will be all the better for it. Q
  12. Welcome to the club! I have had my fair share of relationship hardships because of games. Many times I HAD to play instead of being with her. Are you playing at all, in moderation? Do you still have your PC / systems? Get rid of them. If it is a PC, get one that isn't good enough to run games or install Linux. My number one suggestion to anyone struggling is "Get rid if it". You can't tell an alcoholic to drink in moderation just as much as you can't tell a game-aholic to play in moderation. Just get rid of it. I tried moderation. I tried putting it away. I always spiraled back into them. Sell them and never look back. It is good. What will you do? Try doing nothing and truly being bored. Sit on the couch, TV off, doing absolutely nothing. To quote Winnie the Pooh, "Sometimes doing nothing leads to the very best something." One suggestion is to check out "Coach Red Pill" on YouTube. Q
  13. Hello all, I am the next candidate for ending the years of wasted time, things gone undone, and people disappointed. Two days ago, I sold my Nintendo Switch. It was such a coveted item and now it is gone. I have always said that I play games because I have nothing better to do. Lately, I have all sorts of meaningful things to do and I still sit and veg out to games. Pointless, useless, mind-numbing games. I quit. A problem was found and a problem was subsequently solved. I will no longer be wasting my life on these useless things which so many have put on a pedestal. This weekend, my old gaming computer will be finding an e-waste bin and I will, also, be selling my NES and SNES classic mini systems. My number one suggestion to anyone struggling is "Get rid if it". You can't tell an alcoholic to drink in moderation just as much as you can't tell a game-aholic to play in moderation. Just get rid of it. I am done. I have a life to get back to at 31 years old. Q