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  1. Hello, I am a teenager who is very much addicted to gaming and moreover browsing about games on the net. I am going to face the most important and life changing examination in about an year. I am seriously addicted and cant even let o of games even after being personally advised from many teachers. Right now, I am scoring above average in my examinations but I have the capability to do more. The only obstacle is gaming. If I remove it, who knows I may even top my state.( I used to be that intelligent before games ruined me) This is absolutely the last hope I could come to. I DO want to stop playing games, and study but I am too lazy. Hence, I , am making this resolution, to touch the games, only after June 2019. I hope I succeed in doing this. Any motivation would be helpful. I will come here and post something if i ever come in a mood to play games and will post my daily record. Thank you for reading this.