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  1. Lei

    3 Months Of Improvement

    Day 3 (01/30/19) Fell asleep (night before): 01:15am Woke up: 07:15am Not much to say. Been busy all night and still am, math exam on friday and history exam tomorrow (Sovjet Revolution - I hate you.) Sports: none (too busy again, tomorrow I'll hopefully have time) Video games: nope. Good things today: couldn't think of anything. studying all day. Problems today: Feeling incredibly tired. normal student's life. Improvement for tomorrow: study.... more?? cya, Lei 雷
  2. Lei

    3 Months Of Improvement

    Day 2 (01/29/19) Fell asleep (night before): 12:30am Woke up: 6:45am Short post today - I'm really busy Summary: School from 8am to 5pm. Since then I've been working on my history presentation. Now have another two hours to finish it, write a summary for my history exam in two days and start learning math for the exam on friday. Sports: none (too busy with that history presentation) Video games: Didn't play again... feels good not to Good things today: When I woke up, I got up immediately (didn't snooze or sth like that) ... couldn't think of more ... Problems today: [DISCLAIMER: start this song before you read: listen] Improvement for tomorrow: I need to get to work faster after school Greets, Lei 雷
  3. Lei

    3 Months Of Improvement

    Day 1 (01/28/19) Fell asleep (night before): 12:45am Woke up: 8:00am (scheduled it like this; I cant just make the 6am-change in one day haha) Summary: School was pretty easy... mandatory sports lessons in the morning and some chemistry and French in the afternoon Went at home, ate something and then went to gym Now I'm working on school stuff (French exam tomorrow, history presentation on wednesdasy...) but I'm not really productive - gotta improve there Will keep working on this stuff till 12am - need to fall asleep at 12:45am to wake up at 7am (calculating this with sleepyti.me) Sports: about 2.25h (90' mandatory sports class + 45' gym) Video games: Didn't play now for over 24h, but I don't feel like I need to... no cravings - everything OK right now Good things today: Did tons of sports today 🙂 Problems today: My friends. One of my best friends is really into CS (we played a lot together) - and he therefore asked me if we are going to play tonight said "no, gotta some assignments to finish" - but that excuse won't last for long. Can you help me with that? No idea what I should tell him... Improvement for tomorrow: I need to block YouTube from my iPad / only allow it for certain times - keep wasting time on there need get back to work now - greets, Lei 雷
  4. Lei

    3 Months Of Improvement

    @Brian Yes! Have been going to the gym two times a week for the last few months and it felt already really good after the workouts - that‘s why I want to intensify it to 3-4 times a week.
  5. Lei

    3 Months Of Improvement

    Hey, @Lea - that‘s cool! Where are you studying? Spent my summer break studying English in Bangkok and Shanghai (but the teachers were natives!!)
  6. Day 0 Hey everyone, this is my first post in this journal. I'm creating this so so you can understand my later posts better. Goal for the next month: Wake up at 6am every day Goal for the next 3 months: Stop playing video games and succeed (more) in Real Life (mainly improve my GPA and get a job) and start my own blog Habits (I want to establish): Go to the gym every second day (at least) Wake up at 6am every morning Practice the piano for thirty minutes every day Use my Bullet Journal (bulletjournal.com - check it out!) regularly and create a post on GameQuitters every day Practice my swings on the Driving Range every weekend (Yes, I do indeed play golf) Why am I doing this challenge? I am currently in my senior year of high school. I do plan to study law in Singapore (I'm from Europe) and live in Asia. I know that I have the potential to follow my dream, but I always wasted my time playing video games and therefore my grades are only average (to study at a prestigous university in Singapore, you need excellent grades). I will keep this part a bit shorter - if you want more details, just ask. So that's it - see you tomorrow! Lei 雷
  7. Lei

    90 days

    This is going to be a real challenge - 90 days without a hobby that I have loved since over 6 years. But I'm still doing it - real life matters more in the end. I'm starting tomorrow - currently setting up Cold Turkey and so on... Greets, Lei
  8. Hey, I am addicted to video games. I have been playing since the age of 10 (16 now), and my playtime increased and increased - not to an incredible high amount, but still enough to stop me from making progress in real life. And that's why I'm here - tomorrow I'm starting my 90-day-long game-free time. I will try to use the new-gained time to focus more on my studies, workout more, spend more time with friends and on my hobbies and I also wanted to start a blog since a long time - I'm gonna try! 🙂 I'm also starting a journal after this post - check it out if you want! 🙂 Greets, Lei