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  1. Day 37 A bit shaky day. I periodically fell into search mode because of the whole issue with present. It was bad and surface thorough the day but thankfully died out now. A new bumpy period starts at work but I thing I would be proud of myself once it's finished. It involves remaking part of the system I built and I think this part could be built better. Had a heartburn today. Probably too much beer yesterday and too much nuts for breakfast next day is heavy on stomach, especially just month after heavy poisoning. It interrupted bith work and evening activities, so some caution is must. Now, something of a brighter side: I walked through neighborhood where I grew up on my way home. I haven't walked there for a while so I got heavy dose of nostalgia. Not much has changed for the last 10 years here and meanwhile I am about to turn 30 and naturally life changed a lot. This walk felt like jaywalking through a bit smoky memory lanes. More or less same buildings, totally different people. Watched part of go match review today. It was Takemiya Masaki's match. I adore him a lot and some of mt breakthroughs were inspired by his plays. Maybe I'll "cheat" a bit and teach my son go just to have someone to play against. =)
  2. Day 36 FYI, I read Ice and Flame instead of gaming yesterday. Did some studying today then went home to a) vote and b) catch up with my mother. We drank a lot of beer and talked a lot. It turns out my stepfather was really shocked about me not playing. Shocked enough to priject something like "a software developer always plays". Hmm... I understand why it's easier to become a gamer for a man of this profession, but I also had acquiatance who said that C compiler is the only game he needs. I dunno. If you avoid gaming at all or care too much it still controls you. I wonder if I'll really stop caring about it. Now I'm mostly looking forward to visit my family againe next weekend. Maybe help them settle back here, but my wife wants to catch "last warm days". That probably explains why I froze a lot at the country house this weekend)
  3. I don't get it. You want to teach chess, but not play chess? Is it because it's a gaming too?
  4. Looks like you too had some insights after on month. Probably, like all of us) >> relaxing three hour gaming session I can's say for everyone, but for me anything more than an hour become tiring, not relaxing.
  5. Happy birthday! Also, holy potato, I thought you're much older judging by your posts. >> Then I travel. I want to go East. Russia. Kazakhstan. Iran. Mongolia. Russia. After reading that and note about you bf I think you should exercise caution. Unless you're girl. Sorry, I found no direct remarks about your gender. ^^'
  6. Welcome back. Do you play piano and/or guitar in group or make videos? I wanted to make some melodica video but never got around to get enought practice. %)
  7. Day 34-Day 35 (WIP) Another day. I've been discussing date at which my wife and son are going to return from the country house. It's more or less set. Plans for the weekend was to get some rest and do some exam studying. That's what I am doing now after setting up a PC and a table. Not very inspiring day and entry, but whatever. I've felt desire to play something because it's hard to find uninterrupted chunk of time to play a match of go, for example. Luckilky, chunks that I do have allows me to study and read books. Updates are coming soon... Day 35 upd Probably due to magnetic storm both me and my wife sleep a lot today. As much as our son allowes us, that is) At one time I was playing with him while the she was asleep and had a bast at it. It's so much fun figuring him out and there's self-flattering aspect of "being a good husband and father", to be honest) Actually I did a hefty chunky of study today repairing holes in my knowledge. It also feels good to skim through certain pages because you use it on daily basis. I'm feeling like playing a bit. Let's see if I'd actually do this or read a book instead. Will report later. It's first log entry in a long while that I write in a good mood, I think it shows)
  8. Day 33 Visited friends of family yesterday. Mostly talked about kids, kids' stuff, books etc. I had really good time and it was great to see other people's perspective on subject and their experience. Especially since I alomost spiraled into search mode at day 32 after I checked one stream. %) An hour after I made the log entry. Naturally right now I am in the office, but since our colleague broke build system I have some time to write an entry.
  9. It's a bit early, but thanks anyway)
  10. Day 32 Last evening I watched Zimbardo's TED video on Stanford's experiment. Quite interesting. It seems that he has a book precisely on porn and videogame addiction too, but most reviews on it criticizes evidential basis. Today I had some rage-inducing moments at work. Looks like the client has internal deadlines, so big messy urgent tasks ahoy! Overspicifying details in words that makes look like a different task then asking for immediate time estimation and misspelling my name is not cool. Still, I was able to finish it today. Had funny conversation with my stepfather today. He'll skip my birthday so he asked me about a present. Last time he went overseas I asked him to look up specific console titles, but I am not sure I want it anymore. I'm looking forward to read some upcoming VNs instead.
  11. If you like challenge, try to learn the game of go. Or pick up simple musical instrument like melodica. Of course I am biased, but why not)
  12. >> Now that I'm getting those things, the cravings are returning. Well, you still have 42 days to figure this out. If nothing else work, pick up some long book cycle
  13. Day 31 Woo-hoo, one month mark conquered! I initially thought of trying to moderate after this mark, but I son't really want to. I mean playing, not moderating. I need to balance things I want to do for fun, my job, my exam and my family. Realy don't want to deal with game-choosing or game-beating atm. I'll keep making the records because it helps me to distill my thought on a process. While I am at it, making reminder to myself: read Gabor Mate's book on addictions. Maybe it would provide some additional insight on the subject. This would also keep me from non-recording slips if they happen. On the "simply diary" stuff: I actually found books my father asked for in antiques shop. Soviet edition) I'd like to read it someday too. On my e-reader. Sorry, books, I really night that weight off when I walk fast early in the morning. It's a shame I make this entries when I'm already tired. Too much things I feel lazy to formulate. I think the log for last week and half looks like irritated taslk. Perhaps it is meant ot be like this somehow. I want to reread the log to see the difference between then and now. It was interesting with common diary, should be interesting now too.
  14. Good job. Are you going to continue with you daily journey log?
  15. Day 30 An okay day. Been working and collecting data on chosen exam. Maybe I'll use my last week of vacation as finishing rush. Also chose presents for firiend's and father's birthday. Latter one was (and still) is major trouble. My father loves books. As in "paper books". He usually asks me to find books that are 20-40 years out of print or plainly very expensive. My previous attempt at introducing him to electronic books utterly failed though he has no problems reading his share of forums. A friend of mine asked me if I'm ready to stop this "voluntary perversion" of not playing) Hmm, not yet... At least not these two days for full month.
  16. While I praise your attitude at the moment I wonder if you'll keep your momentum after 90 days. I remember older entry about delegating the dicision to you future self but I don't really believe in living you life against something, not for something.
  17. Looks like my story. At the age of 17 I graduated from school and got into university with much different atmosphere. I was still afraid of girls but at least there were no bullies. I think difficulties at school made people like us escape into videogames. Well, one's life mostly revolves around school in that age...
  18. In my case my wife was worried that I might become too weak if I lose wieght, but then again I was never overweight) It usually happens when I say things like "hmm, perhaps I shoul eat less sweets". >> I'm getting old and start praising the good old days . *Shrugs* Does it happen in education bussiness too?
  19. Looks like we're going for 3-5 years second-hand car. Out friend has told as about a company who checks car they get and he was satisfied with both cars he bought there. He also claimed that it's a safer option since one can afford upper tier used car than a new one. Day 28 - Day 29 (after fix - 1 day fix) Family time, study time. Not bad but I am irritated of myself as hell because of things I've forgotten, time I wasted not studying for the exam etc, etc. These are not really productive thought and it's example the kind of thought I was studying to battle, but it's kind of my weak spot. For the past week I am mostly reading logs and not commenting since it's not often I have something to add and it's easy to get sucked into forum surfing. I bet some of you experienced this too. I wonder if I skipped a number in my log somewhere?.. It started Aug 6, so one month + day should be Sep 6, not 5. UPD: Yes, I skipped day 18, so anything after 19 should be N-1. Looks like I can't edit all those posts manually.
  20. @BigPete247, don't worry, I wasn't obsessed by it even in university. Right now it provides me physical workout and energetic music) Just noticed a typed that I " fuxed few other things in process" in last log entry. That might be very true. Day 28 Sent to review several tasks at work. I'm kinda proud of myselft because half of them were along the lines of "Poking with screwdriver - $5; Determining a place to poke - $995". In the evening we were discussing acquiring a car with wife. It would be our first car, and I am no a fence. I don't think there's a point of a first car being the expensive one. I'm afraid it won't find much use immediately but will eat it's share of money. Insurance, maintenance, parking spot. Parking in anthill-like new districts is tough and going to work is problematic because of Moscow traffic. On the other hand it would be of much use with having to go to clinics or visit friends and relatives with little kid. Plans for day 29, which is now: go throught a practice test for chosen exam to assess things I need to refresh, work out few of them, get some rest.
  21. Hm, I think it is a thing called MUSTurbation. Word coined by CBT therapist, but can't remember his name right now.
  22. Looks like you're being steady. Is you "tired pride" also a "runner's high", I wonder?
  23. Day 27 (part 2) I am at that task, again. The one with a bomb. Had to do rewrite some parts and fuxed few other things in process. It was interesting task. If I am unlucky, PM would order rolling it back, but I have arguments to present. I met with my friend today at burger cafe. She seems eager to become front-end developer. She's a bit down atm, but that's another story. Definitely no playing for tonight since my PC is too busy checking itself. On other side, there's a game of go. I lost 3 or 4 ladder games in a row and for a moment wished to take a week off. Then I examined some variants and felt I want to play again. Correspondence games are just not the same things especially when having tasks at had. I have no ambitions to be another Go Seigen (hell, I am not old enough)) but I really enjoy game's exploration and intellectual contest.
  24. Day 27 (part 1) Started another day with DDR warmup. I slept really well probably due to having physical activity yesterday. Tha pad's maker confirmed my thought about soldering scheme which is a good thing. This means that everything is set to another controller scheme change.
  25. Day 26 My solution from yesterday was accepted this morning and I already implemented it. Work well so far. *Crosses fingers and debugging tool* Now I have another tricky task at hand but it's a good way to see some parts of projects I wasn't involved with yet. Today is a day of DDR again. It recovered me from the work day and long trip home. I dismantled new "donor" gamepad for wooder DDR pad and sent a pic to it's maker to get soldering scheme from her. It must be mostly the same as last time but I am unsure on few things. With this I will (hopefully) have a my "training kit" fixed next week. Which reminds me I still need to get something to make it more springy. Window isolation should do the trick. Worst case scenario, I can always get a new pad but I'd rather avoid it. As for gaming, I don't hunt reviews anymore but I'd like to play a couple of *certain platformer* runs. Still, I plan to do at least one full month before launching anything.
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