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    It IS possible to download a whole thread (even with multiple pages) to a pdf. I took this thread as an example and downloaded it as a pdf. Unfortunately, its not an easy 'click-to-download' solution, its a bit more technical, but in the end not that hard to do. If you guys (and girls) want I can write a tutorial. test.pdf
  2. Unfortunately no "easy" way, but I have something in my mind which I might try later so see if it works. The current "hard" way would be via a word document (Or libre office) and then print that out.
  3. Some providers mark GQ as spam, some dont. For me Outlook for example marks any GQ mail as spam, while Gmail puts it into the correct non-spam inbox. Best bet is to whitelist GQ and hope that your provider wont filter mails into spam.
  4. Reading through log files and fixing stuff without a graphical interface, WITHOUT coffee? Nope! You are insane cam, you are insane... Good luck my man!
  5. Tried that many times, failed many times. Not possible.
  6. Mixed feelings, but didnt give up completely. Trying to distract myself a bit with work and learning. Funeral this week, will be the hardest part.
  7. Hi all, I was thinking about writing this for a few days, but I think I need some opinions from the community. Something happened in my life, something pretty bad. Let's go back 4 weeks: A very good friend of me had a heart surgery which went quite well, 1-2 weeks after that it wasnt that good, he felt good, sometimes bad, the docs needed to put him into a coma, after he woke up he still wasnt that good at all and the docs decided to transfer him to another hospital (For whatever reason...we all cant explain why they did that), after the transfer they needed to reanimate him 2 times and he died after that. His funeral was last week on the 28.03., after the hard day I finally got some sleep for a couple of hours, in the afternoon I got a call from my mom, she cried...She told me my uncle died in a motorcycle accident on the highway on his way home from a barber. He wanted to pass another car and a small transporter stepped out, hit him, he felt and hit the guard railing, cars stopped by for first aid, but he was already dead.. So, yeah.. The last weeks I relapsed and escaped into gaming, I built another bubble to escape and let no one touch me, I barerly talk about the 2 deaths with anyone except for my family and 1-2 friends. I dont know, I feel so weird at the moment... everything is so confusing right now.
  8. SSD is the best upgrade you can get! So many people are asking me how to revive a old laptop/macbook.. I just tell them "get a SSD, I will show you how", they are SO happy as soon as they have their laptop back and so less people believe that. btw @sirjk you know what virus or what file is infected? So you can get that virus by any chance? Would like to reverse engineer that thing.
  9. Never used Deja Dup, and to be honest, never heard of it. I either used the no-brainer "dd" or a bit more advanced clonezilla. But that was years back, so I dont know whats the "go-to" tool nowadays, since I am on Windows mainly and I use VMware for Linux' with the snapshot feature from VMware. On servers I only need to backup databases, configs or site directories, such as /var/www for example and for this I wrote some backup scripts. I remember a tool from the Defensive Security podcast (Cant remember the episode), its called Backblaze. Wanted to look into it back then, but never did.. I guess because of "Cloud". Another tip: The Arch Wiki. Most of these apply to other distros aswell, for example https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/disk_cloning. I'd say, install Virtualbox, do a basic Ubuntu install within it and try different tools and see how they perform, especially on restoring.
  10. Hi, finally found time to play around a bit and here it is. This script will block internet connection for various game clients through the Windows Firewall, included clients: Steam Battle.net NCSoft UPlay League of Legends Script is available at bitbucket aswell as a readme. Have fun! And happy detox
  11. Yes, shell scripting is awesome! And since I use Windows as my main OS I also adapted a few scripts to Windows, so basically some backup scripts as batch which will backup pre-defined files and folders to another drive, I know on Windows you could use something like FreeFileSync, but why install a Program when you can write a script :D dd is fine if you want to copy the whole drive, but sometimes you have super-duper-important files on a HDD which you definitely need to backup and therefore dd would take ages (depends on size) and lets say you have /dev/sdb2/important_files and only need these to backup on a daily basis and the whole /dev/sdb2 on a weekly basis, no problem with shell. If you are low on space, you could also upload a encrypted container (for example with VeraCrypt) to a Cloud or get a Storage VPS (Virtual Private Server) and install your own Cloud, have a spare PC at you and dont know what to do with it? Install OpenMediaVault - Many possible ways. Yeah permissions sometimes are a pain in the ass on Linux, but we can talk about all this when you have your working drive back, you can also PM me on Discord (stablish#4706) about the script and stuff.
  12. Yeah, we have: - Reallocated_Sector_Ct - Spin_Up_Time - Raw_Read_Error_Rate Pre-Failing. If Reallocated_Sector_Ct has errors the HDD is most likely done or will be very soon, you also should be able to hear some "clicking" sound soon, if not already. I wouldnt try to connect that thing. For the cronjob: Yeah, could also write a script, put it into your /home folder and execute when needed or could go crazy and write something like "if drive with UUID connects then execute script and echo a message".
  13. Since its ext4 format I guess you are still running a Linux system, so I am focusing on giving tips for that - Hint: For Windows you could basically use "CrystalDiskInfo", but it cant read the ext4 partition afaik. Install smartmontools via: sudo apt-get install smartmontools And afterwards execute: sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda > smart-results.txt Post the content of the smart-results.txt here. But my guess is: Its dead. At least for us humans, the magicians at a hard drive recovery center CAN restore/repair it most of the time. From reading that gparted shows Unknown partition it seems inaccessible. I mean you could try via command line to mount it, but that wouldnt make much difference. Basically: sudo mkdir -p /mnt/ext_drive (Make folder) sudo mount /dev/sdX /mnt/ext_drive (Mount the drive to created folder, where sdX, X = letter of that drive, lsblk should show that) ls -lah /mnt/ext_drive (list content of that mounted folder) If its still empty I guess you should send it to a repair center. Also: Make frequent backups, create a small script which executes via cronjob on a dialy/weekly/whatever basis. If you cant do that I can help you with that, I just would need folder paths and such, but we can talk about that if you have your (working) drive back :)
  14. Since I am still getting E-Mails about humblebundle saves and stuff like this and these things are starting to pissing me off during my detox, so I was thinking about a way to unsub from all the sites. I remembered a service called unroll.me, BUT! It sells your data Instead use alternative methods. Unfortunately I found out that the alternative methods only work for Gmail, so not sure about other providers. But I gathered a couple of links for you guys which might help you for unsubbing on newsletters: https://www.howtogeek.com/304373/unrollme-is-selling-your-information-heres-an-alternative/ https://www.labnol.org/internet/gmail-unsubscribe/28806/ https://siliconangle.com/blog/2017/04/25/delete-unroll-account-inbox-cleanup-alternatives/ If you dont care about the data-selling thing, you can still use unroll.me (and delete the account afterwards) since our data is sold anyways all over the internet (Facebook, Google search, Windows, CIA, FBI, NSA :D *sigh* and what not..) So yeah, just a basic reminder for you guys that you should also unsub from gaming related newsletters - Thanks to the humblebundle newsletter which just arrived couple minutes ago for reminding me of doing the same thing.
  15. Depends on your machine. If you have a laptop with hybrid graphics then using Linux will be a pain in the ass.. I used Linux on my main Laptop - with hybrid graphics - for 2 years and ended up going back to windows, because after almost every update something was messed up with the GPU (Especially Xorg...), if you have a Laptop (or PC) with a integrated Graphics card only, then it is totally fine to mess around with Linux I'd say. But also keep in mind: If you have some special programs (Photoshop is a good example) it wont run as good as on windows - Gimp is no equivalent though. Sure you could run it in a virtual machine, but when you end up using a virtual machine with windows installed more than your actual operating system, you could stay on windows and use your tools with the native performance. BUT: If you are interested in learning and troubleshooting linux it is definitely a good way to just install it right away (before you created a backup of your important files!) and just play around with it.
  16. Some of you may have noticed that we have a little issue with spammers lately. I am trying to minimize this issue and I need your help with this. So far I added these to the current list: You can help me by reporting the thread itself or by open a support ticket with the link which is in the thread (preferable), so I can add the link to the prevention list. I've added a "Spammer" department to the support ticket list:
  17. Hi all, had something in my mind for overcoming the addiction and wrote a little script, which is for windows only currently but can be ported to Linux aswell - If you want/need it for Linux aswell, let me know. What this script can do? Blocking access to gaming related websites by adding them into the hosts file. What this script can't do (yet)? Blocking gaming software. It is planned to block clients such as steam, uplay, battle.net, but currently it only blocks the access to websites. How to execute? Make a text file on your desktop (or wherever you want) and paste the content/script into it. Change the extension from .txt to .bat Follow this link if you dont have file extensions enabled Right click -> Execute as admin This script also blocks access to twitch.tv. If you still want to access twitch.tv, remove these lines: ( echo. echo twitch.tv echo www.twitch.tv ) >> "%Hosts%" And here is the script. Let me know if you think such scripts are useful so I can work on it and improve it and also let me know if you need such script for Linux.
  18. Added a few emojis: Open Emoji menu, choose category.
  19. If Riot Games don't wanna delete/disable that account, try something like this: Open notepad with an empty file, faceroll over your keyboard, close your eyes, press CTRL + A (to select everything), CTRL + C (to copy into clipboard),press ALT + SPACE + N (to minimize the window), open your eyes, Download Tor Browser, go to Riot website with Tor, request new password, copy confirmation link, open in Tor, paste the facerolling stuff from notepad. Could also try to blindly change your email the same way. Riot wants your IP later if you try to get your account back via their support, even though you might have a dynamic IP from your Internet provider, its still harder when they see weird IP's (from Tor), so it either takes longer or they even might deny to give it back at all. But, they should be able to delete it, because: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202647784-Account-Deletion-FAQ
  20. The Web Application Hacker's Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws 2nd Edition
  21. 1) Since iOS is pretty restricted about saving own documents and read them (especially pdf files, which I assume the Respawn guide is?) you can do it this way: - Upload the guide to dropbox - Get a ebook reader app with the ability to import books from dropbox (or any other cloud such as onedrive) - Import the guide into the app (Small tip, if you are into it: Some speed reader apps also allow importing from cloud drives) 2) Haven't found anything for chrome but this and this guide shows it for safari. There is a app called 1Blocker in the app store which can block websites, but I am not sure if it blocks them system wide for all browser - might worth a try.
  22. Hi everyone, I was thinking about this now for a while and I guess it is time to just do it. I am offering my skills and knowledge to help you guys. What does that mean? - I can help you with securing your website/server (unless it is a hosted solution such as squarespace, you would need to trust them). - I can help you with choosing the right solution for you (Managed hosting? Virtual Private Server (VPS)? Dedicated Server?). - I can give you tips for making your "surfing the web" more secure. - Infected PC? Sure thing, hit me up. I can do malware/network analysis and can clean (most of) the malware/trojans/adware/whatever. - Feeling unsafe at all while using your PC? I can do a security-check up. This is a free service. No costs are involved (but donations are appreciated) and also keep in mind: - German timezone (CET) - Sometimes I might be super busy and can't answer instant (Still have a own business to manage beside my half-time job) Contact me via: - Discord: steddecx#4706 (Stablish at GQ Discord) - At the forum via PM - E-Mail: [email protected]
  23. Ah I see. So if we have a Web Developer it could be something easy such as: Username: JohnDoe Start date of detox: xx/xx/xxxx And the website keeps counting (day 1, day 2, day 3, and so on) and generates a unique link for that user, the user then can copy and paste it into their signature. Yeah, that could work, because my idea which I have in my mind would fit with that. So, we need a web developer who can code such thing
  24. Unfortunately it would be static in the signature I think. Adding a graphic would work, but then you would need to update the graphic daily and therefore the graphic link itself - which can be pretty annoying and some people dont might be online every day. I know reddit has this kind of tracker but they are using a different underlying software and since I am not a pro-programmer I dont know how to do it with this forum software. It MIGHT be possible via the API but then we would need someone who knows the forum software and programming. As @Cam Adair said, we are already trying to find a way to add this kind of tracking, but still haven't found a reliable solution yet I have something in my mind which I am going to test soon on the backup forum, will show it to cam and then we decide if its yay or nay.
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