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How can I find real life activities to simulate Dishonored game.

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@new_life.trying For some people, nothing is more exciting in life than getting shit on during sex by someone they trust. People are weird and everything depends on our perception. Try doing new things with some consistency and see what floats your boat more than games.


Do you have a job? Do you study?

Do you eat well? Do you exercise regularly in some way?

Do you have good relationships with family, friends or partner?

Do you spend your free time in (at least) a non-self-destructive way?

I consider the above the bare minimum for life. I would say these areas are mostly mundane, though I think I can spend 100% of my total time on these things and be happy with my life.

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Weightlifting and progressing in strength can make you feel “powers”..

Gotta love beasting a standing military barbell press, feels so good.

You’ll feel the powers in your balls !

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