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My birthday today and i decide to quit gaming completely

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Today is june 14 and I decide to quit gaming completely. I will uninstall the game , its related screenshots . I want to leave discord servers associated with gaming but my friends are there. Anyone have any tips to deal with this problem?

Also, I watch gameplay videos on youtube and want to quit it also. I cant do that now cause I love those videos. Maybe take one step at a time by quitting games. The game I play is tanki online. its a very old game and its going dead anyway. 

Thanks for reading this and Im open up for any conversation too. 🙂

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Happy Birthday and welcome to the forums!

I totally relate; in fact, my entire gaming addiction started with that game.

My recommendation to you is to go read other people's daily journals, and specifically zoom in on the reasons they decided to quit (and decided to play games in the first place). Then, try to reflect about those reasons on your own- why do you play games, how do they help you get through the day? Once you are able to answer these questions, you will be able to move forward and search for activities that could replace gaming. 

Also, try to look for support groups in real life, and disconnect from (or try to reconvince) people who could encourage you to keep gaming. It is very difficult to overcome this on your own, so try to seek help from people around you as much as you can. 

If you are curious, this is how I overcame my addiction: I replaced YouTube gaming videos with cool animations and art tutorials (I am an artist, and watching those is inspiring), as well as volleyball games (my favorite sport heh). I replaced discord gaming communities with first gaming photography communities (so I would play games and be learning how to make cool pics) then with discord art communities (cuz I found out that people in those were far more interesting to me than people in gaming), and then with making more real-life friends. 

Welcome, and best of luck on your journey! GameQuitters will support you along the way 🙂

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On 6/14/2021 at 3:31 PM, aaditya said:

Okay brother thanks a lot 🙏

Will take your suggestions into consideration. 

Could you suggest any good arts or animation tutorials channel? 


Haha sure! My favorite tutorial channel is ArtProf; it is what got me to leave discord, twitter, and other gaming communities actually. They have tons of live stuff happening all the time on YouTube, so you can chat with the educators there; likewise, they have a discord channel (with an amazing community!) that has a lot of resources within it as well (there is also some patreon-only chats that you can gain access to if you are willing to support ArtProf with $$$). 

Other than that, I love angrymikko's channel- he is a very kind and passionate person, and his tutorials teach some very unique things that other artists rarely go over enough. He is a large source of inspiration to me. 

Lastly, I draw a lot of inspiration for animation specifically from komugiko2000 (insta or tiktok is where they post their stuff). They do not have any tutorials per se, but there is so much to learn from simply analyzing how they do animation. I am the kind of learner that likes to break down artworks of other artists and understand what and how they do, rather than learn from a textbook. I like discovering things on my own 🙂

Hope this helps! Even if you are not an artist, these three people are really cool anyways >_<

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