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How can I stay on the computer and resist gaming temptation?

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I’m 17 years old and going through detox. I have a good amount of activities to keep my mind off games. However, I have an interest in finance and stock trading, both of which require a computer. How can I do these activities without falling into a gaming trap again?

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It depends a lot on the kinds of games that draw you in, and their technical requirements. If they're games that require a dedicated graphics card, downgrade to a system that uses a CPU with integrated graphics - good enough for doing things online and doing office work, but not good enough for games. That's what I've been doing, and the very nice "downgraded" desktop PC I'm building is almost complete.

If the games don't need that kind of power, then you might look into apps that block particular programs from running, or block you from visiting certain websites. I haven't used those, myself, so I can't recommend one, but I do know there are posts about it elsewhere on the forum.

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I use a PC everyday and work in Finance - I'm also personally interested in the markets etc. As @Zeno says, consider a business PC or something with minimal graphics - that stopped me playing many games.

Also, if you have Steam, Blizzard, Epic etc accounts, go through the deletion process. It takes 30 days to complete the deletion and when I did it, it felt very liberating and a sober reality check. And for Stadia, its taken discipline to stop but I genuinely haven't had any desire at all to login for quite a while.

It may sound odd, but I did a bit of a digital clean up (cleared out old files, removed apps, minimised the file system etc) which was great and removed many triggers/prompts. The apps I have are for business only and it feels like a work PC which mentally, has really helped.

I would stay away from 'stock games' that game-ify the markets and keep going with the detox one day at a time.

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To add up to all the thing to have been said.  If you have a trusted friend or family member they can become admin user and they can create a standard user for you in which you won't be able to download any game whiteout there permission.  That what I did and it free me from any temptation especially that I have gaming laptop since I can't download any program or apps. 

I did this with windows i don't know if it can work on Appel.  It can be a pain as sometime you might need program to be install in which you need to ask help and it can take some time.  But I found it to be worth.

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