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  1. To add up to all the thing to have been said. If you have a trusted friend or family member they can become admin user and they can create a standard user for you in which you won't be able to download any game whiteout there permission. That what I did and it free me from any temptation especially that I have gaming laptop since I can't download any program or apps. I did this with windows i don't know if it can work on Appel. It can be a pain as sometime you might need program to be install in which you need to ask help and it can take some time. But I found it to be worth.
  2. Thanks for your replay Amphibian220, I started to go back to my journal when I quitted. To be honest family life takes like 90% of my time. When I relapse into gaming the max time I was able to output was about 10 hours a week but if I was single and without kids to distracte me I would probably be doing 4 hour during the week and 12 hours on the week end. Here are the list of my new acitvity I have been working on: -Journaling -Reading -Chickens -Electronics (building circuit, programming, learning new parts...) ...
  3. Hello everyone I am Matt, I knew I had to quit video game when I was around 16 year old and I am now 30. I had times I stop, times I started again and did the same cycles many times in my life... The last time I stop video game was after my third son was born but after 5 mounts I watch a video from WoW and my craving for video started to kick in. After 2 mounts of non stop craving I finally give in and relapse. This cause many problem for my wife and kids that are very precious to me and after 2 mounts of relapsing I am here writing to you to make a commitment to stop playing video game. It been now 1 week since I stop. The craving already started to decrease a lot and my relationship with my spouse is starting to grow heathier. My mains goal to stop and his to live my life for the one that give his life for me name Jesus-Christ. He ask me the love the ones that are closely to me which are my wife and my 3 boys. I still have alot of battle in front of me that is why I remember myself this line "I don't want to game no more and lose my soul". Matt
  4. I feel you, dont stop I have kids of my own and a wife and probably one of the best thing you can do for them is to quit video games!