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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


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I have decided to stop playing video games because it has ruined my life. My video gaming addiction has been occurring for around 8 years already. 

Because of gaming too much and not wanting to stop, I have procrastinated almost all the time in my studies to the last week before exams and not focusing on my studies. This caused my grades to be bad. I know I could have gotten A's for my subjects because I know I can understand concepts well and memorise quite well. I have the perseverance and not giving up to failure attitude and was hard working when I did actually study but because I kept playing my video games to try to get good at them, I did not study much and ended up with those bad grades. My GPA in my polytechnic was only 2.8 because I procrastinated a lot. I could have obtained 3.5+ if I did not have this gaming addiction. I know I was that capable even though the course in the polytechnic was not that interesting to me. Even trying to get consistent and studying hard in something I like by myself, which is software development, is hard because I keep wasting time on these nonsense video games. 

The video games that I like were also FPS PvP games so often I need time and focus on those games. These games made me treat my parents horribly because they always want me to do other work like housework besides gaming. So I tend to get so frustrated and sometime shout at them because I was on that winning team or winning streak and I had to leave the game. I realised now how horrible that is. 

So I am deciding to go off entirely from video games. No excuses. Not even the excuse of wanting to be really good at the game because I know that will take very very long hours that are better spent on something more beneficial in my life. 

I have relapsed in the past but now I do not want to relapse again. I have decided to find replacements for video games that will give me the same feeling of happiness and accomplishment. As replacements, I would be learning drawing and also software development. Software development is also something I love and want to get a future job in. I also exercise to be more fit and a stronger person. I want to be the best version of myself. So I know I have to sacrifice video games. 

I may be adding/removing replacements for video games but I will not want play video games at all. I will keep track of my progress. 

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Welcome @ILoveBirds,

It is a great start to list down why you came to this decision. I would advise you to start a daily journal and do commit to the 90 days of not gaming (even if you write you want to stop completely).
There you can reflect daily on your feelings/cravings/problems and other like-minded people will give you advice.

It is important to set up a system which helps you to stay consistent with it. And to commit to such a  system is way easier if you commit for 90days instead for eternity. After this detox you'll be able to see clearer and decide again against gaming if you still like. But to commit to do something which is hard (and it is hard to stop gaming for 90days if you are addicted) and going through with it is worth the experience even if you should decide to play later on again.

Best of luck!


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Hey there @ILoveBirds, hope you've still been keeping strong to your commitment! I too remember being really nasty to my parents, especially in the middle of a raid when my mom wanted me to take out the trash and I just couldn't get her to understand that I couldn't "just pause it". I also remember the deep shame of looking at my GPA and realizing that I definitely could have done so much better. I'm glad to hear you're coming to the same realizations and, most importantly, are committing to quitting!

On drawing: this is something I've been thinking about picking up as well, especially with all the buzz around NFTs recently. I haven't yet made any steps towards learning though, anything you've learned so far?

On software development: I *am* a software engineer, so let me know if I can point you in the right direction on anything 🙂 For just picking up languages and concepts (and also interview prep), I love https://app.codesignal.com/ - gives you a nice set of well defined "tests" to put your skills up against and there's also a community competitive aspect to it (though something like https://www.codechef.com/ might be better if you want to really focus on competition). I also spent a ton of time with http://coursera.org/ , https://www.freecodecamp.org/ , and https://udacity.com/ (although, sadly, udacity now requires paying for their nanodegrees; you used to be able to just take courses for free 😒).


Best of luck, and hope to see you around!

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