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  1. Hey there! I'm glad to hear so much has been going so well for you already! I remember feeling really similar the first time I severely cut back on gaming, seeing clearer, having a whole new perspective on how time I have and what I want to do with it, and finally getting to damn sleep haha. What documentary(s) have you watched since quiting? On your realization: I also came to a very similar realization, though I didn't really face it until years after I first stepped away from gaming. Definitely recommend talking to a therapist if you're able to - it's so incredibly helpful to
  2. Day 2 This one is probably going to be a lot shorter - yesterday's entry took like an hour+ to write, and I seem to always write these right when it's already an hour past when I meant to get to sleep. What I'm thankful for today: Watching this (linked under this) made me reflect on how grateful I am that both my parents are still in good health. It's something so easy to forget, but they won't always be. I feel like I was much more aware of that when I was younger than I am now - I distinctly remember one day that I just burst out crying because my mind had wandered into im
  3. Day 1 What I'm thankful for today: I love that there is a tennis court within ~10m driving distance that has a ball machine I can rent with pretty good availability I love even more that it's finally warm outside again. This experiment with Denver in the winter to take advantage of snowboarding season has been hell for me - I hate having to always be wearing so many layers, gloves, beanie, and how cold it is even inside. I'll be leaving here this weekend anyway, but at least it'll be warm here until I leave (although it's been throwing me through a loop that it is warm outsi
  4. Hey there @ILoveBirds, hope you've still been keeping strong to your commitment! I too remember being really nasty to my parents, especially in the middle of a raid when my mom wanted me to take out the trash and I just couldn't get her to understand that I couldn't "just pause it". I also remember the deep shame of looking at my GPA and realizing that I definitely could have done so much better. I'm glad to hear you're coming to the same realizations and, most importantly, are committing to quitting! On drawing: this is something I've been thinking about picking up as well, especially wi
  5. Day 0 What I'm thankful for today: I'm so glad my brother saw on Discord that I was playing Everquest and decided to call me to tell me to stop playing. It might have been weeks or months before I stopped myself if he didn't do that. Actions taken: Joined r/StopGaming and gamequitters communities Uninstalled all of my games from my computers and phone Watched "What Triggers Should You Watch Out For?" Goals I want to pursue from here on out: First and foremost, as this will ripple into the success of the other goals: get back into falling asl
  6. (Found this forum from r/StopGaming, and I had already written an introduction there so just copy/pasting that here, especially since it's getting late and I just wanted to make sure to get at least a first intro post in before going to sleep lol) The beginning - Everquest I remember my first raid in Everquest so vividly. I was 12 years old, around noon on a Saturday my dad asked if I could play his alt account, it took over 9 hours. Several times my best friend from next door came over asking if I could come out to play, but my dad needed my help, the raid needed my help. It was the