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Too much time


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Hey posionlocket, 

Since you've taken the big step to quit games, you must have had reasons why. Those reasons could be, improve relationships, improve your social circle, to live your dream whatever. As we game we all have these big dreams of things we want to do in life, talking career-wise that might be being an actor/actress, having our own business, owning a YouTube channel etc. You should try thinking about what dreams and goals you want to achieve in life and do hobbies that move you one step closer to those goals/dreams. There are also some downtime hobbies that you can do when you're not working on goals. These can be sudoku puzzles, baking a yummy treat, reading, meditating or walking.

Prioritizing is also big when it comes to hobbies, it's up to you how your day is scheduled but you should put what you find most important on your schedule as the thing you do. This is how i plan my days, i put the things i have/want to do, from most important to least important, in different colors so it's easier to see. But that's part of hobbies as well.

I wish you luck on finding hobbies and on your journey without games 🙌



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Actually I been thought that myselve.

What actually may look like a lot of time will shift to much less time.
So at the start it looks like you have so much time left.
You only feel that way since you stopped gaming and having free thought about yourselve.
Time moves slower without gaming.

After you found hobbies or different activies you shortly notice that 24hour a day are to less time.


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