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One of the Most Important Works of Our Time:

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Hey, I've been meaning to share this with all of you for a while. I know several of you are interested in things in the same vein as I, psychology and whatnot. I'm linking a playlist of videos by John Vervaeke who teaches cognitive neuroscience and is a colleague of Jordan Peterson's at U of Toronto. Although he disagrees with Peterson on a few particulars such as Peterson's tendency toward Christian mythology, overall their work is quite similar. In this series, Vervaeke breaks down the entire history of philosophy and psychology to describe "The Meaning Crisis" as the singular thing that is causing so much trouble in today's world. Then in the latter half of the series, he beings to prescribe possible solutions. It's a huge time investment... I think there are over 50 hour long lectures, but just about all of them are fascinating and you can tell he thought a lot about how he'd structure everything beforehand.

If you're like me and you ever look for descriptions of why you're an addict that are in very concise and well-plotted ways, this is for you.


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I remember following Jordan Peterson back in 2016. He became a YouTube sensation during the US 2016 race, which is no coincidence. His work is popular among the white nationalist (Trump) crowd in the US. Still, I'm willing to give Verveake a chance, albeit I'm skeptical. I'm not keen on the video medium, so I'll try reading this medium article on Vervaeke's meaning crisis.

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