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My Introduction


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Hello everyone! I guess I like to start this interview-style.


Who are you?

I'm currently a sophmore in high school about age 15. That's the only personal information I'm willing to release. I have interests in math, physics and philosophy. I do have ambitions, at the very least, to work hard for a phd in one of them. Not only that but to discover new understandings about these subjects that I hope will help humanity further progress.


Why do you want to quit video games?

I have this on and off addiction of video games. During a school week, I would only play in the weekends. Yet, once it's gaming time, the rest of the day would dissolve as quickly my sadness and shame starts rushing in. Though I believe I started to personally develop myself these past couple o months, I find this video game addiction to be a huge limiting factor of who I can be. This winter break especially showed how much hours I can put into video games. I don't know if that's a turning point for me but I know this. I have a video game addiction. It may look fine from the outside but inside I'm confused and in need of some help.


What are your goals for your time on this forum?

I want understanding of this addiction. They say the first step to solving addiction is to change your thoughts, so I just want to see advice on how I can beat this addiction, among other life advice type of things. I hope, maybe, that I'll leave this forum in a better place then when I first founded it and I hope I can make me improve during my time here.


I do have some questions for you to help get me started. Firstly, would you consider youtube and social media part of this video game package? Second, any further readings you can suggest? Thirdly, any other suggestion would be great.


Thank you! I want this to be my turning point.

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Hi @L3tsLive, Welcome!

Glad you have been able to acknowledge and begin working against your addiction so early on in your life. I suggest you do not stop here in terms of looking for information on how to quit gaming, and use other forums and resources to aid yourself. There is plenty of magazine articles, a couple TED talks and numerous YouTube videos on this topic. 

To answer your question, I believe in this: "Take care of the bad habits, and the good will come on their own". Social Media in all forms is equally addictive as gaming, among other things. Finding ways to regulate your screen time on YouTube and such could also aid you with quitting gaming. For me, I deleted my Reddit and Twitter accounts, and changed my Instagram and Youtube feed/suggested content so much that I only go these sites for inspiration. Doing that helped me become more passionate about various things in my life, and less passionate about gaming. TL;DR: YES

Welcome, and good luck on your journey! Looking forward to hearing from you,


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