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  1. Day 2 Feeling fine. It's always short those feelings. Anyways, the patterns I see is that school days are almost pause days, in which not much progress is made into defeating this addiction. In addition, it often leads me tired at the weekend which is where the addiction continues. I realize that I need to accept this. Just need to remind myself my path, how important it is to me.
  2. Day 1 (?) It's been so long since I last journaled. That must suck a lot. They say journaling your day is like the gateway of knowledge. Who knows how many missed opportunites I missed. All I could blame is myself I guess. How do I feel about this addiction. Right now, I had some urges when I went to the living room where the TV is but I managed to defend myself from them. The biggest thing I feel is regret over not knowing my journey the last week over. I might've even saved myself from the relapse last weekend. Lessons here to learn. I've only watched one
  3. Day 1 School day so obviously I had less opportunity to "indulge". I felt fine about it, nothing that special I could figure out. In fact, my day had been sorta in a rush since I had a lot to do. Barely any time to reflect and feel. I did meet an urge when my little brother watched TV. At first, I was interested but reminded myself not to go any further. Lessons for me? Remind yourself you have a TV addiction to get through. Some further thoughts. I wonder how I could help my little brother with this. He's very young but, I just don't know. I hope to at least give him g
  4. Day 0 Broke streak again. Though less serious than before, it's still serious. I broke the streak by watching TV shows when my little brother was watching TV. I felt compelled and curious on what episodes the TV show had. It was also the end of the day and I was tired from doing various things that were both productive and unproductive. I have to remind myself. Me watching TV shows at this point is a obsession. If it wasn't, why didn't I quit after the first episode and go do something I had wanted to do next. TV shows are almost an addiction to me. Still, don't be asha
  5. Day 0 Gamequitter-wise, I think I need to readjust the rules No Video Games No Social Media (Except Educational content) No Videos or TV shows (Except Educational and News related) Can't really escape them huh. Still, this should solve like 90%. I don't know why I broke the streak back there. I guess I thought of my life and thought of my old life and saw my current life is too stressful for me. Since I learned more about comfort, I think I should make sure to accept your abilities and indulge in comfort once a while. Here's a question t
  6. 2 Day 0 (Didn't Journal) Worst part is, I don't remember what happened. It was as if I just blanked out which is really concerning.
  7. Hey Bird by Bird. I appreciate your view. It seems comfort shouldn't be this evil thing. It's about balancing comfort and discomfort which most accurately reflects your wishes. I read more about this and realized that humans tend to go for things that are stable, which is usually comforting. I believe this supports your arguement that comfort is not something to throw away. Now I believe that habits and comfort are related in that habitual rituals are comforting to us. So if we are to change our habits, we must strive for a new comfort level, not a ever-changing level, unless we're
  8. Day 3 I feel fine right now about this game quitting journey. I can see now that without games and social media and most videos to fill my soul, I'm slowly getting more productive on non-school days. I still notice how much I surf the web sometimes which is a concern. Since right now it's a challenge to see whether I'm surfing the web or not, I don't know if I should include them in the rules (to be honest, I feel a little scare adding them to the rules, a concern). Now lessons I can teach myself. With an empty soul, I now realize after watching one of Cam's videos how
  9. Day 2 (No Journal) Summary: Little worse urges. These past 2 days not memorable to me so concerned.
  10. Day 0 I broke the streak. My first failure huh. This reminds me that even if the journey is easy, I still have a long journey ahead. I'm extending the rules to the following. No video games You can only watch music and educational videos. No social Media (though news is allowed since my dad frequently watches and analyses it) It might be harder, but they all seem to sorta sum up my internet surfing problems. Plus, looking at one of them usually makes me feel like watching the others, since they put me in a "I failed" mood. Why did
  11. Day 2 (Didn't Journal it) One sentence summary: Was inn bed for less time and actually got some studying done.
  12. Day 1 (Didn't Journal it) One sentence summary: I was in my bed most of the time because urges.
  13. Day 0 This is my first day on this forum. Little scary but ok. Today I just literally gave up the day and watched youtube for like 7 hours straight. That made me feel really bad, sad and most of all unfulfilled. I don't want to live a future where I just stare at my screen, getting nothing done in my life. I want adventure, but my own adventure, not someone else's and especially not a fake one. Here's my rules. No video games at all. If I stare at my little brother's screen for too long, that's a fail. No youtube dedicated to video games. I know youtube is
  14. Hello everyone! I guess I like to start this interview-style. Who are you? I'm currently a sophmore in high school about age 15. That's the only personal information I'm willing to release. I have interests in math, physics and philosophy. I do have ambitions, at the very least, to work hard for a phd in one of them. Not only that but to discover new understandings about these subjects that I hope will help humanity further progress. Why do you want to quit video games? I have this on and off addiction of video games. During a school week, I would only play in