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Body has become autonomous. I have been playing ac for nearly 4 months now. My first video game. Realized I was getting addicted, not on playing it, but on understanding and adopting it. This required a lot of thinking, disturbing my study schedule and sleep schedule as well. I was completely distracted, finding trivia on it. Today, being Day 1, I am feeling way better, as if on a way to being born again, following @Cam Adair's tips to as far as I can. Thank you for those tips @Cam Adair sir. 

Somehow my body has become autonomous. Everytime I get up from a chair where I've been sitting on, my hand flicks as if to draw a hidden blade. While walking down the road, my hands check for my sword, and flick both my hidden blades out. If I sit still, or try to sleep, my mind loops in cutscenes from AC 2. What can I do to stop this? Any tips?

Thanks in advance!

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