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I'm Kombat749 [Gamer Tag]. First day. Aim: No relapse

I had a doubt. Is this considered as an addiction?

I started playing Assassin's Creed 1, was nervous while playing, hands and feet went cold. Worried. Uninstalled. Relapsed. To Assassin's Creed 2. Same story. Nightmares, cannot sleep.

The reason I played AC was because I saw a friend playing it when I was 8. Today I am 14. Saw a few GMV music videos. Liked it. Ignored age warning, as I read reviews saying it was okay. I find AC to have a sort of class and loyalty, something which I always desired.

My body has become autonomous. Every time, I get up from a chair, my hand flicks, as if to draw the hidden blade. If I sit still, scenes replay. When I sleep, scenes replay. It seems every bit of memory about AC is simply trying to find a way to enter the mainstream of my thoughts.

Kindly let me know, if you have discovered any tricks to counter this.

Thanks for the support.

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Gaming-induced psychosis (also called Game Transfer Phenomena [GTP] or the “Tetris Effect”
a form of psychotic break that can occur when excessive gaming, often combined with sleep deprivation, blurs the line between what’s real and what’s fantasy.
psychiatric symptoms of both derealization (not knowing what’s real)
In my work with psychiatric clients who had these kinds of dissociative experiences, I knew that grounding techniques could be helpful. Essentially, you help the client use his or her five senses to feel the immediacy—the physicality—of the present moment. Dan and I tried standing together and making a loud clapping sound; that seemed to help snap him out of his delusion for a moment. I asked him to grab and crumple a piece of paper, which he did.

- Glow Kids, Dr Nicholas Kardaras

Your condition sounds similar to what Dr. Karadaras describes in the blurb above but I could be wrong.

It's hard to diagnose medical conditions on a forum. Gamequitters.com has a list of therapists and doctors you can call to consult on your Assassin's Creed problem.


Your problem sounds serious and regular therapists or doctors who are ignorant of gaming addiction might ignore you or give you pills that turn you into a zombie.

I suggest to try scheduling an appointment with one of the therapists on the list.


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