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Naps and Sleep


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Hey all.  I recently started my 90 day no gaming detox and I am on day 3, where I honestly don't feel the urge to play that much, but still get those little urges once in a while.  But something weird is I find myself napping around the same time everyday, from around 4 to 5 pm.  Any explanation of what are causing these naps?  I keep trying to sleep well during the night but these naps always screw me over so I sleep at 2.

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I've read a couple of comments on the forum about ppl having issues with their sleeping paterns during the detox so you are definitely not the only one. I've been lucky so far, quitting games seems to have been beneficial to my own sleeping cycle so far (11 days in). Even though I'm in a stressed period at work and working long hours, my sleeping cycle seems to be better than when I was gaming. I'm mostly experiencing full nights of sleep, awaking naturally with the sun coming up. It feels great.

I hope your body will find its own pace in the next couple of days so that everything goes back to normal.

Cheers mate!  

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There could be many factors that could cause you to be tired. What time do you wake up? Do you get much exercise? Personally I work as a school bus driver so I take long naps almost every weekday lol, but on weekends I rarely ever do as I am able to get as much sleep as I need. I think naps can be healthy as long as they don't upset your sleep cycle so perhaps try taking them a bit earlier in the day.

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