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NEW VIDEO: Gaming Fatigue is Affecting Your Life

Newb here


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Hey guys. I joined up because I want to quit gaming, like mostly everyone else.

I never really liked gaming as an adult until I met my wife about 6 years ago, which is about the time when my alcoholism progressed. Gaming and drinking were pretty much my main hobbies for years (even though it felt like a self-imposed prison) but since being sober for the past few months (relapses included, that's hard to quit as well) I've come to the stunning realization that I get absolutely zero pleasure from video games anymore.

Since making some improvements in my life and discovering many other cool hobbies, I think it's finally time to say goodbye to gaming.

Thank you for letting me join and I look forward to being a part of this community 🙂

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Nice, Slime that you are sharing your experience with us. To quit games, you need just throw away your computer, SP or other playing gadgets. Try to communicate with your wife and pay attention to out-door games with children if you have.

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Welcome to the club, Slime!

Alcool was also linked to my gaming habits (drinking alone in front of a computer is not super sexy). I decided to quit gaming but did not quit alcool (at least for now) - I don't consider that I have a problem with alcool as I can go without it for weeks if I want to. Same could not be said about gaming so I quit gaming 😉

Anyhow, godspeed on this new journey, may you enjoy the ride!

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