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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

My first time writing in Daily Journals


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Today went by with me deleting my games and playing a little bit of Minecraft. I am trying to limit gaming and when it's time, end it. My friends keep making me want to game because they are lazy and have an addiction just like me so I just ignored them and told them I don't have time. I am starting my detox again after so many relapses and hope to make it to 90 days!

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Welcome Hai to the forums!

I am glad you made the decision of quitting games again, that's great! I wish you good luck on it.

I understand you're issue with your friends. Having friends who are also addicted is difficult. I have friends online and in real life that still play games to death and it's hard to cope with the situation. Those types of friends can be dangerous to your detox. Have you tried distancing yourself from them, or if not tried suggesting other things you can do together that involve no games? Introduce them to other hobbies? If that doesn't work try finding other friends who have non gaming related interests, you can still be friends with the ones you mentioned if you wanted to, but try finding other friends.

I wish you the best of luck on the friend issue too. 

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