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Almost relapsed today, but still going!


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By chance I forgot to block the subreddit for one of the video games I used to play and when I noticed it I started browsing the sub and then I made a couple posts about my thoughts on the game, and oh boy i was so tempted - but then I got a hold of myself and I blocked the subreddit with Cold Turkey.

It's scary to think I could have relapsed. I'm only 4 days in this time, but determined to make it to 90! January 5th will be 90 days for aka a new birthday for me!!!



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Going throught forums or social media about gaming wasnt ever a big problem for me.

I usually do not make friends or get repurtation on social media. Mostly becouse I hate typing stuff into an electronic box when I just could go out and talk to people face to face.

I am glad for you, you took the right turn. We all made mistakes in life, time to make it better if your about to make it again!

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GG's my man. Being one step ahead and recognizing the patters and tendencies that you will exhibit before relapsing is very useful. Being conscious about your situation when you are going to relapse is also very important. Stay strong, and keep up the good work!

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